Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Men: What makes YOUR perfect mate?

Seriously, this is for research, so I'm looking for honest, thoughtful answers.

Let me explain. The time is far in the future and a young woman wants to immigrate to a newly colonized planet.

A young man, eighteen, and unmarried, is helping his cousin of the same age fill out an application to become a mail order bride.

He insists on putting down things he's convinced the perfect woman can do. From cooking to fishing, he makes a list of all he considers important in his future wife, therefore he expects other men will appreciate the same qualities in a wife. If she's even looked at a sewing machine (stores are few and far between on the colony) he insists she claim she's a seamstress.

So. Here's where you men come in handy. Especially those of you under 22, and unmarried, although I'm curious to hear from the older, married/committed men as well.

Give me your dream list. Keep it somewhat clean. You can state "likes alternative sex" but I'd rather not have a list of particular positions, OK? But let's get beyond the physical relationship. Does she have to like what you like? Music? Games? Movies? Food? Does she have to be responsible for all housework if you're responsible for everything from the garage outward? How about some give and take?

Feel free to answer anonymously, but I would like to know your age and stage of commitment, such as: 22 Single. 20 Married. 17 and Hoping. 32 still looking... etc.

Ladies, hold your answers, please. You'll get your say!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To The Stars... And Beyond!

Two of your favorite authors, SIX great reads!

If you like Futuristic Science Fiction, then these two books will provide six times the pleasure. Of course, the entries by Jmo and me will be the highlights... okay, who am I kidding? They're all great and focus on six different sets of brave heroines and hunky heroes. What more could a girl want?

Below are the excerpts from the stories your Morgan authors contributed. This time Shea gets to step into MorganO's place for a fun romp through the space station.

Kiss Me, Kate by J. Morgan

K'Tyln Dar is a pampered prince who wants to finally become the man his planet needs so he goes in search of the baddest bounty hunter in the known universe -- The Professor.

Richelle is called The Professor because she knows every possible way to kill a man. Most people -- like K'tyln -- have no idea that the most ruthless killer in the known universe is a woman. And she likes to keep it that way. Richelle has neither the time nor patience for a puff-shirt, golden boy politician like K'tyln Dar.

When he brazenly demands to meet The Professor and reveals his desire to 'learn to be a warrior', her first thought is to put him in his pompous place. But, as he takes his licks -- and bruises -- and contusions -- she sees a glimpse of the man he not only wants to be, but the man he is deep down inside.

Bleu Lies by Shea McMaster

Commander Kal Raines began questioning the wisdom and guidance of the TPP when they exiled him to the Borealis. But, he's loyal if nothing else. Since then, he's questioned every choice he's made in the name of the TPP.

Summer Merriweather has worked for the Rebellion under many names and in many situations, and now she's on Borealis. She has a mission which includes sizing Kal and how he might be of use to the forces opposing the TPP. Is he ready to switch sides?

When Summer crosses Kal's path, she brings even more choices into question and he sees his loyalties have been thrown to the feet of swine. When he realizes he has the chance to help in the ultimate overthrow of the TPP… he stands and the precipice and must either step back or jump. Step back, and let the Rebellion die… Jump… and join Summer in an ongoing, stealthy battle to strengthen the rebellion and perhaps someday overthrow the TPP.

We hope you check them out and fall in love with a whole new world.

Morgan O'Reilly
Writing as Shea McMaster

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Two-Fer at LASR

Today, I feel doubly honored. Long and Short Reviews has nominated not one but two of my current releases for Book of the Week. Immortally Yours and The Borealis Anthology are both in some pretty great company. Sadly, I must now use my Jedi Mind Tricks to encourage you to go vote.

These are the books you want to vote for...

Please ignore the man waving his hand like a loon, but he's a bit insane, being an author and all. Okay, I'm the one waving but still that's no reason not to step forward and cast your vote. Besides, it might make me stop twirling my hand around. My wrist is starting to hurt.

Thanks ahead of time for your consideration and vote,


Here's where to go cast your ballot!

Long and Short Reviews

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest Author Jennifer Hartz

It's been awhile since we posted an interview but when I found out fantasy author Jennifer Hartz was available, I had to dust off the old Gandalf costume and invite her to the Diaries' plush and palatial offices for a sit down, hoping for some dishy dish on her upcoming book, Conception, Book One in the Future Savior series. I read the blurb on the Desert Breeze site and have been waiting breathlessly—well not breathlessly, because I'm still alive—for its September release. I so do love a good fantasy.

So, please give a rousing welcome to Jennifer Hartz. Okay, you guys in the back, I didn't hire you to stand around looking like elves. Let's hear some clapping and somebody glue Bernie's pointy ear back on. I will not have people thinking the Morgan Diaries can't afford Lucas-worthy special effects!

Jmo: Jennifer, welcome to the Diaries. Please ignore Bernie. Sauron knows, I wish I could. I had some Lembas bread here somewhere but it appears someone got a case of the munchies. Excuse me for one moment, Jennifer. Reginald! No, don't try to deny it. There're crumbs in your makeup. Now, where were we? Oh, Yes, please say hello to our readers and tell them a little about yourself.

Jennifer: Hello to Jmo, the motley crew (elves included), and of course the readers! First of all, thanks so much for having me on your blog… at least I think this is a good thing. Should I be worried that Reginald might eat something else?

As Jmo said before Bernie's ear fell off, my name is Jennifer Hartz. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but currently I live in northeast North Carolina. I have a great husband and an amazing little boy. I also work as a teacher. If all of that wasn't enough to monopolize my time, now I've taken on the task of being a writer… apparently I enjoy torturing myself.

Jmo: Let's cut right to the chase. Conception! Tell our readers about this amazing looking book.

Jennifer: The best way I can sum up Future Savior is to say that it is a combination of all the stories I have ever loved. It is essentially a Christian fantasy series, similar to The Lord of the Rings, but modernized and with a major romantic storyline. There are also some subtle sci-fi elements and a huge cliffhanger that stems from the season finales of my favorite sitcoms. What? We have to wait all summer to find out if Ross and Rachel get together?!

The story revolves around Christina Vaughn, a seemingly ordinary person who is thrust into an extraordinary situation only to find out she's not as ordinary as she assumed. As Christina makes her way through her amazing fantasy-like adventure, she learns a great deal about her unbelievable past. She falls in love along the way, all the while battling horrific monsters and struggling with her remarkable destiny.

Jmo: I love the idea of an Inspirational Fantasy. How hard was it to combine all the elements of what people traditionally think of as fantasy with the Inspirational side of the book?

Jennifer: The pieces sort of fell into place on their own. As I conjured up my fantasy, the Inspirational elements of the story-line evolved right along with it. I think this stems from my strong Christian faith. I'm sure there will be some more conservative Christians who will hate Future Savior, it's near impossible to write an Inspirational Fantasy without having a few eyebrows raised, but I hope the majority of people out there can stretch their imaginations and truly enjoy the story.

Jmo: World building! You know I love it. With a series on this scale, how much world building took place before you started the first book? Did you already have an outline of what you wanted to accomplish or did the different elements fall into place as you dug in to write the book?

Jennifer: The Future Savior Series is the byproduct of a ridiculously long commute. I have an hour and a half drive… one-way. That's three hours in the car! One day, while driving, I started to daydream about interesting characters and the fantastical land of Meric. I would let my mind conjure up different storylines for my mystical characters, pulling out the things that really worked and filing them away in my memory bank. For three months these daydreams continued until I finally realized I needed to sit down and write. There are five books in the series and I have them all planned out… I just need to sit down and write the remaining four!

For the actual structure of The Land of Meric and all its lovely little details, I have a pretty good template already in existence with which to use… okay, I know that sounds vague, but if you read Future Savior Book Two: Resurrection it will make sense.

Jmo: Will the series revolve around Christina, the main character in book one, or will different characters narrate each book?

Jennifer: Future Savior is Christina's story to tell so she'll be leading you through the entire five book series

Jmo: Normally, I'd pound you with questions and wring every ounce of knowledge out of you, but this beard is beginning to itch—I think it has beard bugs or something in it—and I want to leave plenty of room for a juicy excerpt. I want to hit you with one more question before you leave. No, Bernie put down your hand. This isn't Q and A, time. I'm the only one with the power to ask questions. See, I've got the staff, so I get to do it. One more thing outta you and you're not getting paid. So, no store brand Oreos for you!

Sorry about that. You just can't hire quality anymore. As I was about to ask, what is the one thing you hope readers walk away with after finishing Conception?

Jennifer: "Write a story that you would enjoy reading." That was the advice I used when working on Conception. I created a story I would love so my hope for the readers is that they have as much fun reading Conception as I had writing it.

Jmo: Thanks for joining us today, Jennifer. It's been a blast. Before you go drop that excerpt on us, please let everyone know where they can keep track of you and your amazing books on the Net.

Jennifer: It was great being here Jmo, thanks! Although I am a little worried at the way Reginald is staring at me. I hope he doesn't follow me home. By the way, congratulations on Immortally Yours, your own September release. I'm looking forward to reading it! The best place to find me is my website:



That's your one-stop-shop for all things Future Savior! People can learn more about me, my books, and all the other fun places to find me on the web including Twitter and Facebook. I hope everyone enjoys the following excerpt… including Bernie.

Future Savior: Conception

Available now from Desert Breeze Publishing


Shaw faced me and the frightened men. His incredible pale blue eyes narrowed, and burned with such intensity they were nearly silver. "Stay back. I can handle this."

A brilliant flash of lighting framed his perfect physique in an illuminating beauty. A resounding crack of thunder pounded the air, and I jumped. How did the storm happen upon us so quickly?

The five men backpedaled until they were behind me. Then Shaw spun to face the beasts. He tossed his bow and arrows off to the side and ripped out his long sword from its sheath. Neither Shaw nor the Vaipes attempted to strike. They assessed each other, trying to ascertain a weakness, I supposed. The Vaipes on either end of the pack were trying to slowly loop around behind Shaw and surround him. This was the scene from my premonition!

The lightning and thunder continued. Shaw's muscles tensed. He prepared to attack. Looking around me quickly I realized that the five men were gone. I stood back myself, watching Shaw, not knowing what to do. I had my sword raised, but I had no clue how to help him.

Apparently he didn't need my help.

He pounced with alarming speed. The spin move he performed was so quick, so strong, so devastating that when he completed the one-hundred and eighty degree turn that took less than a matter of seconds he had killed seven of the Vaipes.

He faced me now and the fierce, deep concentration in his face astounded me. He attacked Vaipe after Vaipe, and the beasts continued to fall before him. I couldn't believe how swiftly and fluidly Shaw moved. He had pulled out his smaller sword now and assailed the creatures two at a time.

Shaw truly had to be the greatest warrior in all of Meric. None of the Vaipes even came close to him. He just spun, ducked, thrashed, lunged, turned and twisted so effortlessly that it barely appeared he exerted any energy at all.

When the last Vaipe lay dead, he walked toward me, wiping the blood and gore off his face. I stared, amazed by what he just accomplished.

He looked me over, drawing the back of his hand across his cheek. "Are you alright?"

It was a loaded question. Was I physically injured? Was I mentally scarred for life?

I replayed the last few minutes in my head. I witnessed a man being eaten and Shaw slaying more than twenty Vaipes. The stuff of nightmares.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Even though I wanted my statement to sound brave, I couldn't control the shakiness of my voice.

"You should go inside one of the houses," Shaw reiterated.

I was about remind him of my last answer to that suggestion when a Vaipe leapt at us from on top of the fence. I dropped my sword and tried to shove Shaw out of the way, but he was just out of my arms reach. My telekinetic powers kicked in again and I brushed Shaw off to the side with my left hand as easily as sweeping dust from a shelf. With my right hand, I held the Vaipe in midair. It looked at me with such hatred and rage that I couldn't help but scoff ever so slightly. Then I thrust my right arm as hard as I could, throwing the Vaipe into the fence knocking the wind out of it. Grabbing my sword again, I ran to the dazed monster. I hesitated for just one second, wondering if it was right to kill something that was knocked unconscious, when its eyes snapped open and it snarled at me, bracing for attack. The instinct to protect myself outweighed my moral debate, and I slashed it straight through heart.

I turned back to Shaw, breathing hard. He stared at me with raised eyebrows and a slightly open mouth.

I smiled. "How can I go inside a house when clearly you need my help."

Shaw snorted a laugh. "Clearly." He gathered up his bow and nodded for me to follow.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jmo Interviews Himself??

Because MorganO disappeared for a long weekend -- really, who gave her permission? -- I ask you all join me and me as I interview myself--huh?--on the Kwips and Kritiques Blog today.

Yes, I meant to say that.

So kick off your Labor Day Eve with a little insanity and a lot of laughs. This just might prove that I do indeed need to be locked away. Let's hope not. I have an unnatural fear of padded surfaces.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Immortally Yours -- as in Forever.

Immortally Yours <= Get it here!

A NEW Release from J.Morgan!

Chase Michaels thought being cursed to live forever was a pain in the butt, until he finds himself on the trail of a runaway bride. When the lovely Mrs. Belle Gardner puts three shots right into his chest, he discovers pain in the butt doesn't even begin to cover the trouble he's let himself in for.

Learning that his client lied to him and that his trace is really the client's stepdaughter, Chase's rusty conscience gets the better of him. He agrees to protect her, only to find himself sinking into a deeper mystery that somehow connects Belle to his curse. Thrown headlong into a dark world where fairytales walk the earth, he must fight to keep them both alive. As a war of apocalyptic proportions breaks out around them, Chase struggles to discover if he can stand being immortal if it means losing the one thing he's never had -- love.

Chase is big, and bad, and gorgeous! Don't mess with Chase, unless you want to tickle his love engine. This hero is hot and just too much fun for words. Well, Jmo has the words, it's up to you to read them.

MorganO says: Eternally thrilling!

Shea McMaster says: Better than vampires!

Quinn O'Shea says: Magically delicious!

Get your copy today and be forever entertained. Well, until his next book comes out. In a month. Oct 1, The Borealis Anthology from Desert Breeze Publishing, but more on that later.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jmo is back.

Oh feel free to roll your eyes. I know how long it's been since I lurked my way onto the blog. It's not that I hate to blog, because I don't. It isn't even that I'm forgetful, which I am. I had to hit up my fellow Morgan for the password, if that tells you anything. It isn't even even—is that a grammatical error?—that this has been the busiest year of my life when it comes to writing. Three books, epic sized, and a soon to be released short with the next Love Bites book due out in February and still in the WiP stage of the game can testify to that fact. Sure, when you add all that up, I can see why I think forgetting to blog could happen, but that isn't it.

So just what the heck is it? Okay, here goes. My deep dark secret revealed. I don't think my life is exciting enough to warrant a day to day or even a weekly recap of my boredom. I can't see myself subjecting anyone to that. I hate the hit and miss, here's my book that's coming out bit too. So, let's back this up. I'm boring and don't want to shove my books down your throats. What's left to talk about? Not a whole lot, when you put it like that.

Here's my proposal. When something sparks my interest, I'll chat about it. Not Blog, because blogging sounds impersonal to me. Chatting is what friends do. If you're here to check out what my partner and I have on our minds, I count you as friends. And, the whole book thing. Well that's going to happen too. If I or Morgan found our interest held long enough to write them that must mean they're interesting enough for us to talk about. So, expect some of that.

What else? Well… We hope to have a friend or two drop in from time to time. A contest or two during the year. Maybe, when our hectic schedules allow another free read like The Morgan Diaries Halloween story. More than that I really can't say, because right now we don't know.

One more thing. We'd like this to be a forum for you, our friends, to voice your thoughts on what we have to say. To kick it off, we'd like to hear what you guys would like to see here. Again, no promises, but if there's something you'd like to know about us or our books leave us a comment.

That said. Stayed tuned for some exciting news from me about a certain September 1st release from yours truly—or is that Yours Immortally. Snicker!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Blog Tour Special Guest Tabitha Shay


Witches, werewolves, and vampiresan unprecedented alliance between the species.

Prince of Darkness: The realm of Vampyre is on the brink of a devastating war. In order to save his covens from total annihilation and claim his right to be king, Prince Valerian Radu must find a mate immediately and breed her. However, convincing the feisty witch, Shasta LaVeau, she’s First Bride material is a war in itself—Shasta has but one thought on her mind—drive a stake through his black heart!

Princess of Light: In Shasta’s opinion, the only good vampire is a staked vampire. Half-witch, half-werewolf, she leaves the borders of Ru-Noc to save her best friend, Princess Kali, from the evil fangs of Valerian, only to fall under the hypnotic spell of the sexy vampire.

Witch’s Magic—where four realms collide—and there can only be one winner!

Author’s note and excerpt:

Hi Everyone,

I’m so thrilled to be a part of Cindy’s Summer Blog Tour, but before we get started, let me take a moment to say a big “Thank You” to our hostess…

I’m frequently asked where I got the idea for my Winslow witches of Salem series and of course, like most all of my writing, I’m usually inspired by a song. In this case, it all began one morning when I was listening to an Eagles’ CD, and to the song, Witchy Woman…from there, my imagination took flight.

In the course of writing this series, my witches have done a lot of serious traveling. Saylym, from Witch’s Brew, book one, left London with the intention of moving to a small town called Sanctuary. Little did she know Sanctuary was a magical realm where witches, warlocks and many strange creatures dwelled—it was a journey with many surprises waiting for her.

Heather, from Witch’s Heart, book two, found it necessary to travel to Salem, Massachusetts in order to discover her roots and who she really was.

Kali, from Witch’s Moon, book three, crossed a continent and journeyed to Romania. Little did she know she was going to make this crossing, and that the unplanned trip was going to land her in a world of trouble.

Kirrah, from Witch’s Fire, book five spends a lot of time on her broom traveling around Sanctuary…if only she could manage to learn how to land the darn thing…

And that leads us to Shasta, from Witch’s Magic, book four, and the excerpt I’ve chosen to post today. Shasta is Kali’s best friend, and when she disappeared in Romania, Shasta decided a little action was necessary. Determined to save her friend, Shasta travels to Romania and yes, we know there’s only one way a witch travels long distance…Need I say she ends up requiring a bit of rescuing herself?

I hope you enjoy the excerpt.

Excerpt from Witch’s Magic—Book Four in the Winslow Witches of Salem series by Tabitha Shay:

Shasta paced the floor of her small room at Dracula’s Inn. She’d rented the room in Village Pyre the evening before. Anxious to see a bit of the village and track down her quarry, she’d explored the countryside earlier in the day.

She’d learned the lay of the land and located Valerian Radu’s castle at the edge of the Transylvanian border a few miles away. The castle lay to the south and at the base of the beautiful snowcapped Carpathian Mountains, a region frequently known as the Land of Vampyres, Land of Fangs, Handsome Bloodsuckers, and tragically, a land where young, beautiful females frequently vanished without a trace.

The Village Pyre region was too isolated for major authorities to investigate the disappearances. Even if they attempted, they, too, vanished without a trace. When she asked questions about Valerian, the locals crossed their hearts and warned her away from the castle.

A young male clerk at the desk had flirted shamelessly with her, but he’d been quite serious when he insisted she buy a cross, wear it and stay indoors after dark.

He explained that lately there had been a rash of attacks on young women. Most believed Prince Valerian was somehow involved with the strange happenings since he was the accepted ruler in the area.

Shasta didn’t know why they bothered with warnings. It was impossible to get inside the castle. There were so many wards around it, it was ridiculous. Ha! One might be justified in thinking the vampire feared a stake through the heart.

Well, there were wards around the outer walls, but she bet Prince Valerian hadn’t allowed for the fact someone might scale the castle wall. She was just the person to climb over it...come daylight.

Restless, she was ready for action, but the sun was going down. She wasn’t fool enough to go out in the cold and start hunting vampires in the dark. She’d end up the main course on the menu.

Shasta paused and eyed Pinky. “Is that a cross around your neck?”

Pinky flinched because anything pertaining to the mortal’s religion was so not their religion. Not that Weres or witches had anything against mortal beliefs, it just wasn’t the witch world’s way in believing, or the Were’s.

“Yes, Missy, although I’m not a religious pig, and I’m a magical creature, and oh, damn, the cross kind of burns, but Pinky afraid vampire might hurt him worse. Missy need wear a cross, too. Good juju magic.”

“What’s the matter with you? You know a witch or Were can’t wear a cross. We have our own religions. Mortals believe in one true God, nothing wrong with that. We all have a right to our beliefs, but witches and Weres believe in many gods, so we can’t wear a cross for just one. Why, I wouldn’t know which of the witch gods a single cross represented. It would only piss off all the other gods, anyway.” She paused, biting her lip. “Did you get a spare cross, Pinky?”

Pinky grinned. “I did, Missy.”

He dug in his pocket and pulled out the dainty cross with a delicate gold chain and held it out to her.

Shasta drew it over her head. “Stop grinning, Pinky. It’s temporary. What are you scared of, anyway? We’ve been here a night and a day and about to go into our second night and we haven’t seen a single vampire.”

“Then why Missy wear cross?”

“Well, you know…just in case. I think all that vampire crap is a bunch of hoopla to pull in tourists, but it’s best to play it safe. If it means wearing a cross, then…”—she shrugged—“there’s nothing wrong with wearing a cross. Humans believe, so why not me?”

Pinky shuddered. “Missy best hope we keep right on not seeing bloodsuckers. Pinky wanna go home.”

“We aren’t going home, not until I’ve managed to get inside that crumbling old castle. Did you see the disrepair? How could anyone, even a vampire, live in such squalid conditions? It’s a disgrace. That castle needs a woman’s touch.”

“Don’t be getting ideas. It best you leave vamp-man alone. I hear velly bad things about evil vampire in area who feeds and feeds for the pleasure of the kill. They call him Mr. Rogue Vampire. The villagers be very frightened. If this be Missy’s vamp-man, you headed for velly big trouble. You be Mrs. Rogue Vampiress ’fore you know it.”

“He’s not my vamp-man.”

“Pinky not care. Pinky velly upset Missy force him on this bad, velly bad trip. Gonna tell Master Creed. He be velly pissed at you, too.”

“You aren’t telling Creed anything. Swear it, or I’ll cut out your tongue! Worse, I’ll donate your feet to the pickle plant.”

“Squee!” Pinky looked at her through his thick fringe of bangs. “They have pickling plant here?”


“You lie! Missy lie when it suits her purpose. Pinky refuse to swear any word. Do your worst. Go ahead, pickle my feet.”

“I will!”

“Squee! Pinky velly upset. Pissed at Missy. Warning. Warning. Velly pissed. Gag. Gag. Puke. Puke.”

Shasta shook her head and returned to nibbling on her thumbnail. Flying all the way to Romania on her broom from the Wing Academy had been one hell of a trip. She still had flight-lag. Still felt a bit disoriented. All she wanted to do was sleep.

She’d slept through last night once they arrived and secured a room, and most of today. The entire day, her sleep had been disturbed by a male’s voice calling to her. She hadn’t answered, because she knew it was simply the flight-lag causing her to imagine it.

Shasta eyed the three brooms standing in the far corner. Like Pinky, they hadn’t stopped trembling since they discovered where they were flying to. The brooms could be spiteful when they weren’t happy, and they hadn’t been happy for several hours now. In flight, they kept trying to turn back to the academy.

She’d finally had to threaten to set fire to their switches if they didn’t obey her commands. Oh, they’d obeyed, all right. They’d given Pinky and her one hell of a ride as punishment, zooming through the air like streaking banshees. She wasn’t too happy with their display of rebellion.

Poor Pinky squealed the entire trip...upside down on the broom.

Visit my website at

Thanks, Tabitha! Join us tomorrow for Morgan’s spotlight on Denyse Bridger’s blog!

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The Blog Tour Has Begun!

Be sure to check out the progress of the tour starting with Denyse Bridger at:

Follow the tour each day, leave a comment and I'll enter your name in my drawing for a pair of dangly earrings designed to catch that one special man and a copy of my Alaskan romance, Chinook Wine and Sink Her.

Next up is my sister Alaskan writer, Juniper Bell who knows how to put the spark in hot Alaska nights all year 'round!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vacation On My Mind

I look at the calendar and realize summer is nearly gone and I wonder how that can be! Summer sunshine has shone only for a handful of hours this year with record-breaking number of days in a row with precipitation. Not all is lost, because when it's too hot--or in my case--too cold and wet, to get out and enjoy summer, I have books!

The good news the time inside has been well spent. Two novellas completed! And more in the works.

However, we're talking vacation! The last chance at summer. Hang out. Chill. Relax. Get comfy and find a book to take you more places than you can travel in a summer. One of those places is a wee spot on the Yukon River, deep in the heart of Alaska. And to make the hooking more fun, I've got a pair of earrings just right for adventure!

Play along and these fun and fabulous earrings could be yours! Two winners will also get a PDF copy of Chinook, Wine and Sink Her, but only one will get the earrings too.

On Wednesday, August 25th, I'll be the featured author on Denyse Bridger's blog. Comment and your name will be entered to win. That's all there is to it. Follow the tour and your comments will earn you extra entries. What could be more simple?

Tune in August 18-25, make some new friends, travel new and exciting places and celebrate summer wherever you may be!

Morgan Q. O'Reilly
Get Some Tonight

Chinook, Wine and Sink Her by Morgan O'Reilly
Linnet Greenbriar has a job to do on the isolated Alaskan Yukon River. Hoping the remote area will keep her away from men for as long as possible, she is shocked to see the handsome stranger walking up the river and singing a little song. All her hopes change when a mishap sends her falling into the river and also into the arms of said handsome stranger.

Creed finds himself in the wrong place at the right time and becomes a self appointed hero when he rescues the beautiful Fish and Game Officer from the icy river. All he wanted was a little peace and solitude, but one look at this city girl has him changing his tune.

Warning: Sex in bathtubs filled with water from natural hot springs, too many men and a moose, who just might interrupt the fun.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Books You Read Twice

Ever pick up a book so good, that when you finish it, you turn right around and read it again?

I'm starting to keep track of those books on my GoodReads book shelf. Books-Read-More-Than-Once is what I called that elite category and I'm adding one more today: Haunting Jordan by P.J. Alderman.

I'm not entirely sure how I picked this book up. A friend got a copy at last fall's Emerald City Writers Conference. She read it on the plane, loaned it to her sister-in-law, who loaned it to a friend, who also passed it on and the book has been passed on to who knows where. My copy has a sticker from a used book store on it. Sadly, last night at Borders I went looking for more work by this author and there wasn't one copy on the shelves.

The cover is a whimsical portrayal of a in-need-of-repair Queen Anne Victorian in the town of Port Chatham, Washington. A house that comes complete with a rogue wisteria, two ghosts and a century old murder mystery. The requisite local hunk lives just a few doors down and makes an appearance early on with a gift of latte. I think I fell in love with him for that alone. Of course, he does a whole lot more to deepen that love, but it's a great start.

There are so many wonderful discoveries in this book I don't want to give any part of it away. But I will say a few things, hopefully enough to make you rush out and get a copy. The heroine is quirky and endearing, the locals who welcome her to her new home are supportive and refreshing (in other words, just as quirky - I love the Chief of Police), the dog who adopts her is a great sidekick and the ghosts, well, the ghosts are as interesting as the neighbors. This book is a *MUST READ* especially for fans of mystery. Not heavy on the romance angle (that would be my one complaint, more romance!), there was just enough to keep me mostly satisfied and teased. There's hope for future books!

I hope you follow my advice and pick up this book. I'm going looking for her other book, also set in the Northwest, A Killing Tide.

I've read another book recently which fell into the same category: A Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. The lady can write! The third book of her contemporary series set in Houston, Texas, it's up to the same standard as Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil (both books I was lucky enough to pick up in hardback off the bargain shelf last night! Now I have all three in hardback and they look beautiful on my bookcase). I particularly love how she writes first person. I'm learning, she's mastered the art. It is so well written, I have to remind myself it's first person.

Next up on my to-read list, A Knight and White Satin by Jackie Ivie. Yeah, I got an ARC! Our local writers group is very excited about this one and I'm holding it off a little as enticement to get some work done. I'm ready to settle down with this one on my laptop, knitting in hand, coffee at my elbow and wish the world away for a few hours. The rest of you have to wait until October for its release.

Yeah, it's summer in Alaska and the reading is good!

Morgan Q. O'Reilly

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fan Pic - Now That's Success!

About a week ago I was playing with my FaceBook Fan Page and met a new to me digital artist who goes by the name PickyMe. Well, this gal is good with her hot hunky hero pics!

I was absolultely thrilled to pieces when she decided to do a fan pic of me. So we got our heads together and I explained a bit about the next WIP to be submitted and she came up with...

I can't stop looking at it! I'm true blue in love with this picture. Of course I think it's the best of her portfolio, but don't take my word for it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Blog Hop - Find the Hotties!

Welcome to the Easter Egg Blog Hop! If you didn't start at Christa Page's Blog, jump there now and follow the bunny trail of shiny eggs. You’ll find a lot of eye candy on the tour, as well as a basket full of ebooks. Enjoy browsing our site, where we're featuring Cowboys Dream Too by MorganO and Were Love Blooms by J.Morgan.

You should have come from Desiree Holt's blog, and once you find the Easter egg on our site, it will take you to the next one in line.

The entry form to win the Easter Basket of goodies is at the end of the tour. We’ll be running the hop all weekend, so if you have to take a break from all of these hotties, just bookmark the page, and return to the tour at your convenience.

Winners will be chosen Easter Sunday 4/4/10 at 7pm EST, and announced at the Liquid Silver Books forum.

Happy hunting, and good luck! Now for the eye candy:

Need a hunk to run your computer? MorganO will take him!!

Or this guy, Gilles Marini. MorganO is thinking he'd make a great hero of Greek descent for her next Alaska novel. What do you think?

Yeah, MorganO would dance with him anytime. Of course, Jmo prefers to not dance with hot hunks. He'd rather dance with a hottie girl, but only when his wife's not looking! So here's one for the guys, she's even dressed for the holiday!

Now you're ready for the next stage! Remember to leave a nice note for Lyn Armstrong

Be sure to follow the hop clear through to the end to win prizes!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Weekend BIG Blog Tour

Welcome to the Valentine’s Weekend Blog Tour!

In case you missed the beginning, the tour starts at:

What a weekend? Have great plans lined up? Hope they include playing on the tour and doing some hottie hunting!

I found him in the garden, think he's tempting??

But on the other side of the garden, for the guys, she's waiting

Be sure to stop back tomorrow and Sunday, too! More cuties to come
Morgan O'Reilly and J. Morgan
The Morgan Diaries - Romance and nothing but Romance

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Were Love Blooms gets Best Book

Sorry, I've been absent of late but I'm working my brain to this side of crazy
wrapping up Love Bites 3. Yeah, I know a short trip that one but sometimes you need to take a break from the almost sane. That said, I had to stop in and share some amazing news. Were Love Blooms has been selected Best Book by LASR. Who knew people liked books about Werewolves? Okay, maybe I did a little but this has totally floored me.

I wish to thank Holly at LASR for making my day and for so many kind words I
just about sniffled.

Here's just a taste but I invite you to please stop by and read the entire

'If you are looking for a story to brighten your day and make you laugh out
loud, this one will work quite nicely. I recommend this one for all of you who
want lighthearted fun and romance with a touch of spicy romance.'

And if you'd like to link up to the rest just click below.\

Here's a bit of Were Love Blooms to get you howling at the moon.

Were Love Blooms

Not to sound totally insane, but how much wax does it take to do a bikini line when you're a freaking werewolf? It wasn't even close to a full moon and I looked like I'd just staggered off Gilligan's Island and the Professor hadn't figure out how to turn a coconut into a Lady Bic. I'm sure Mabelle would have an absolute cow if I showed up at the Gilded Lady with a five o'clock shadow all the way down to my hot pink toenails. As a fully debutanted Southern Belle, my appearance represented not only myself, but the entirety of the South. Heady thought, but I'd grown used to the pressures associated with my station in life.

I'm not being egotistical. Please don't think you're dealing with one of those crazed high strung society sluts who thinks the world revolved around them. I'm nothing more than your average every day run of the mill country girl who just so happened to live in an antebellum home with fifty or so acres to romp around on and a trust fund that'd make your jaw hit the ground. Not bragging, stating the truth. Don't hate me for being beautiful. Hate me because your boyfriend just slipped my number into his Top Five.

I'd call myself pretty much normal if not for the whole hairy-howling-at-the moon-time-of-the-month situation I'm in the process of dealing with. Not sure, but I doubt Midol had an extra-strength anything for that. Lord knows it barely covered a good old fashion cramp. But those are things left unspoken by a girl of my genteel sensibilities.

Like I said, as a proud member in good standing of the venerable Lee family—no relation—I had to be a point of inspiration for all those girls who weren't born me, as well as a pillar of the community since I learned the proper way to curtsey. Age five, by the way and thank you very much. Without me, beingwellme, the whole town would probably fall into ruin and damnation. The men folk would surely revolt if I let even a smidgen of my face into sunlight without my make-up firmly in place and my long naturally curly auburn hair set just so. It's a wonder I hadn't degenerated into a basket case with so much pressure heaped upon my tender shoulders.

Which only made this entire werewolf fiasco all the more traumatic. What would the Ladies League have said if they found out? They would've all choked to death on their Mint Juleps! Drunken church ladies aren't a pretty sight to begin with, so let's not go there. It's not like I asked to become a foo-foo-woof-woof. I'd spent my life avoiding unsightly hair growth for heavens sake.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loving on Love Day

This is part of the Valentine's Day Blog Hop with the wonderful authors of Liquid Silver Books! Just click on the words to join the blog tour at the beginning if you missed it. Otherwise, continue down for some lovely eye candy!

We're Morgan O'Reilly and J. Morgan, guests of the awesome ladies who organized this very fun blog tour. Actually, Jmo is shy, so I, Morgan, get to play to my heart's content! And my heart does love to play...

So, it's the most romantic weekend of the year, and well, my guy is taking off for a weekend with the boys! Friends from high school, they do this once a year, just not usually on Valentine's weekend. The dirty rats. (Not really, but it sounds good! And I have pouting points forever!!)

So what to do? Look for hotties to keep me company until he comes home on Sunday to take me out for a romantic dinner!

First of all, a pair of sexy covers!

These are just an example of some of our books. Well, our sexiest covers to date. This tour is sexy, right?

Part of this fun adventure will involve book give aways. Coming in our next post, a couple excerpts from the books we're giving away. Surprise! You'll have to work a little to find out which ones! (Hint: They're listed with the rest of the books being given away this weekend!) In the meantime, feel free to check out our websites or click on the covers above and be whisked off to bookland for more fun information.

Ready to play? Me too!
Morgan O'Reilly
J. Morgan