Monday, July 21, 2008

Review: Frozen by Morgan Q. O’Reilly

Polly at Bitten by Books loves Frozen! Click the link and read why she says,

Morgan Q. O’Reilly is an author to watch for. She uses conflict as both a battle ax and a feather. Her love scenes are fever inducing and her characters are delightful. What more could you ask for except MORE, MORE, MORE. Brava, Ms. O’Reilly, brava!

Frozen by Morgan Q. O’Reilly

Thank you, Polly!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Picture or Two

Yes, a picture of my trip. Aren't summer vacations fun!
This quickie three day trip was made to do research for my next book: Chinook, Wine and Sink Her. Coming this fall from Lyrical Press, this full length novel takes place on the banks of the mighty Yukon River. The gold rush is 100 years over, but there are still many operating gold mines in the area, as well as hiking, river rafting, fishing, hunting and in the winter, long distance sled dog races.
Once dubbed as Paris on the Yukon, Circle City is a pale shadow of its former self with bits of history scattered about. And of course, you'll learn far more about it in my book! Don't you hate it when authors do that to you?
Today is another day on the road; the trip home to where we'll wash off the dust, literally, sort through our memories, notes and pictures, then add a few details to a couple manuscripts. Yes, I found inspiration for more than one WIP. I'll polish Chinook, and then continue on with a futuristic new world adventure I've got pouring out of my brain!
In other good news, FROZEN is coming to print, December 1, 2008. It is currently available by ebook at Lyrical Press. While shopping the other day, I found a fabulous pair of earrings I'm thinking of giving away in a contest. Now I just need to figure out the contest! The earrings are pewter disks of bear paw prints with a twist of beads which resemble the Northern Lights. Very gorgeous... I just need to know if anyone wants them. Hmmmmm...