Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Into Summer Swag Special

I'm feeling a little giddy these days. The long, long, Alaskan winter is over and spring is finally busting out all over. The birch trees are sporting bright, fresh green leaves and the birds are singing nearly 'round the clock as the sun spends more time in the sky.

Other signs of summer are here. Mostly my house has been invaded by the offspring. Fresh home from college for the summer, he's quickly marked his territory with boxes, computers, clothes and dirty dishes. I sure love that kid! And I'm glad he has a good summer job this year. So far it's boring, but the Electrical Engineering Internship should be picking up speed soon.

I have several professional things to celebrate. The re-edit and re-release of Cowboys Dream Too. It's a little shorter, and a few things have been clarified, but the story is the same. It has a hot new cover by Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs. Pretty much says it all! The book is available at Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook online stores. Other retailers such as Sony should follow soon.

AND, just today I found an awesome review for That Olde Christmas Magic! Woohoo! Just Erotic Romance Reviews reviewer, Silla Beaumont gave it a Silver Star Review. Wow! I'm pretty thrilled about that. You can read the entire review HERE. Don't be put off by the Christmas theme. This is a fun book for anytime of year. Sir's Kitten says so. Also available from Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, Sony and a few other outlets. All my books with links may be found at my website.

Yes, all this is leading up to something. Not really huge, but fun! I just got in a bunch of swag that I'm planning to send to RWA Nationals. Since I won't be there, my fun stuff will. If I can find a willing chapter member to haul it down and dump it in the Goodie Room. Fast Fans will be able to grab a pen and bookmarks. Think I may do a repeat of last year's temporary tattoos. They're all kinds of fun!

Anyhow, to get an enhanced swag pack, I'm playing a little game on my Facebook Author Page. Not really a contest, but trying to wake things up a bit. It's simple. "Like" my page and make a comment. Or if you're already a fan, just make a comment. You don't even have to "like" my page for long. You can dump it on Sunday if you want. I just want to play for a couple days. And on Saturday (May 19, 2012 -- also my 22nd wedding anniversary), I'll draw a name from the hat and one lucky person will get...

Only not...tipped sideways. Huh. I've tried to fix this, and everywhere else it's the right side up! For those with sore necks, that's a tote bag, a pen, and a notepad. And possibly a few other goodies I can cram into the small Priority Mail box. 

Ya know, I'll make it even more simple to win. Comment here and I'll drop your name in the hat. That way you don't have to "Like" another page. Amazing how those things add up and take up space and time.

Happy Spring!

Morgan Q. O'Reilly
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