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Once Upon a Time,

Jmo and MorganO got together and wrote a serial story about a vampire pirate and his historian lady love. Set in present day New Orleans...

She's a history professor obsessed with the swashbuckling outlaws who roamed the Gulf of Mexico during the Golden Age of Pirates.

He was the most daring of the bunch, forever damned by a villainous wench. When he attends her community lecture, he can't resist correcting her facts.  She can't resist his tortured soul.

We peek into their private journals and discover the hidden desires driving them both.

* * * * *
Excerpt From
The Personal Journals of Morgan Victoria Beauchamp
Friday, October 24

Dearest Papa,
For the first time since you challenged me to keep these journals some twenty years ago, I actually have something exciting to write about. No, not another cataloging of my research – though past journals were most useful in helping me compile my academic paper, The True Pirates of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico – but rather, a personal account. How few of those have there been over the years? Nothing worthy of the grand romance story you’d always wanted for me. Until tonight....

...At one point I turned and for a long moment, several heartbeats I’m sure, my gaze locked with the dark eyes of a dark haired man. All he needed was a pointed beard, long curly hair, a big hat with a bigger feather and a change of costume and he could have been my dream pirate. Yes, I swear, he looked as if he could be a long lost descendant of the very wicked Jean Baptiste Morgane.
I’m well aware you’d say my obsession has grown to be a little scary. If he were a live man today, I’d probably be stalking him. Pathetic, I know.
But after staring into the eyes of this man from only a few yards away, I swear on a stack of pirate romance novels, my life changed. Exactly how and what will happen from here onward, I don’t know. I just know something changed tonight....

...The solitude of home has not brought me peace. I’m feeling edgy and restless, just the way I do at the start of a new research project. I’ll try the bath next, and maybe a glass of wine, but what I really want is to go out and find my pirate. I just hope he isn’t a ghost tormenting me for seeking out his secrets.

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