Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got Tagged?

I found this at Erotic Horizon who has Cowboys Dream Too up next on her TBR pile.

I hope you decide to play too! To complete the meme answer the following questions:

1. What are your current obsessions? Card Making. With graduation for the teen just around the corner, and I forgot to buy the promo pack last fall... Yeah. I need to make some cards. Fast.

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? I work at home, so jammies are always my first choice. The Fed Ex guy looks jealous every time he comes by.

3. What's for dinner? Reservations! FIL's b-day is tomorrow, but we have graduation event plans.

4. Last thing you bought? Lunch out with the writer girls.

5. What are you listening to? Fighter jets from the nearby base streaking overhead, practicing their stuff. Birds singing and my indoor fountain when the jets are elsewhere.

6. What are you watching now or the latest movie you watched? TV hasn't been on in days, but I'm thinking hot Englishmen. Research for the book I just finished the first draft of. I mean it. I want to make sure I have the modern nuances correct. Oops, guess that rules out Pride and Prejudice.

7. Favourite holiday spots? Anywhere with a nice soothing beach works. Doesn't even have to be tropical. I just want to hear the waves and feel the breeze.

8. Reading right now? Witching Moon by Rebecca York and Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom. Both got pushed aside while I finished that first draft.

9. What will you be reading next? Probably something by Lora Leigh. Either that or the graduation roll... or something from my extra high TBR pile.

10. Four words to describe yourself. Introvert, Quiet/Shy, Focused, Quirky

11. Guilty pleasure? Dove Milk Chocolate.

12. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? My Son and the things he finds on YouTube. His friends are always good for a laugh too.

13. Favourite spring thing to do? Open the windows and blow out 9 months of stale winter air.

14. Planning to travel to next? No big plans, probably drive the kid to college.

15. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Hoping for fresh Halibut tonight (see note about reservations).

16. When did you last get tipsy? It's been a while. Sometime last fall.

17. Favourite ever film? While You Were Sleeping always makes me feel good. Depends on my mood really, but I generally go for romantic comedy when given the choice. Living with two guys (DH and DS), I rarely get a choice.

18. Care to share some wisdom? Work to the best of your ability, but always leave room for a laugh and some lovin'.

19. Song you can't get out of your head? Jimmy Buffet - When the Volcano Blows (Still waiting for Mt Redoubt to just get it over and done with.)

Please consider yourself tagged and have fun with this and be sure to leave me a comment when you've completed it.

Morgan O'Reilly
Come Play with Me and Get Some Tonight

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Showers bring... Cowboys and Witches?

That doesn't sound right, but that's how Morgan O. and J Morgan are doing it this year. Instead of showers, we're unleashing hot oil massages, romantic horseback rides, unadulterated wickedness, celery naughtiness, and enough Magic to fuel your Dreams.

So shove those umbrellas back in the closet and stay in. With stories this fantastic, why go out, when you can curl up and read your way through pollen season? We hear Summer is going to be really slimming this year.

A message brought to you by Morgan O, Jmo and the Lyrical Tourism Board.

Available Monday, April 6, 2009

How Wicked-er Can She Go? by J. Morgan

Cowboys Dream Too by Morgan Q. O'Reilly

Note: Wearing funny hats while reading optional.