Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Releases Coming April 6

Yup, you read that right. Releases, as in plural.

First up, J.Morgan's How Wicked-er Can She Go?

Go Wild, Get Wicked!

Nikki is as wicked as they come.

Yeah, right -- She's the wickedest witch you'll ever meet, if "wicked" means perky as all get out, and living off a trust fund. When her boss lays down the law, she actually has to work for a living and her world comes tumbling down. Ruining an uber geek's chance to find true love sounds easy until Gregory Hamilton shows up on her doorstep. He may be a nerd, but one look tells her this is a man with super stud possibilities.

Turning on her inner wicked, Nikki does everything she can to prove true love ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Next is the Cowboy story you've been waiting for, Cowboys Dream Too

Even a cowboy can dream of a Celtic goddess... But is it just a dream?
From the first time he dreamed of his perfect woman, Gray Dunbar was no longer satisfied by his pre-ordained future on the family dude ranch. She's leading him on, away from Colorado and around the world, until he can't stay away from home any longer.
Reed O'Brien needs a vacation. Her boss's company is falling apart. When a proposed trip to a dude ranch retreat comes along, she jumps at the chance. A stop in Vegas gets the ball rolling -- especially when she meets the one man her boss would love to put out of business.
Is this destined to be war...or love?
Warning, contains explicit sex, carnal massages, and inventive riding lessons.
April is an exciting month, so keep your eye and out be ready to pounce on April 6 when these books go live at Lyrical Press!