Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Men: What makes YOUR perfect mate?

Seriously, this is for research, so I'm looking for honest, thoughtful answers.

Let me explain. The time is far in the future and a young woman wants to immigrate to a newly colonized planet.

A young man, eighteen, and unmarried, is helping his cousin of the same age fill out an application to become a mail order bride.

He insists on putting down things he's convinced the perfect woman can do. From cooking to fishing, he makes a list of all he considers important in his future wife, therefore he expects other men will appreciate the same qualities in a wife. If she's even looked at a sewing machine (stores are few and far between on the colony) he insists she claim she's a seamstress.

So. Here's where you men come in handy. Especially those of you under 22, and unmarried, although I'm curious to hear from the older, married/committed men as well.

Give me your dream list. Keep it somewhat clean. You can state "likes alternative sex" but I'd rather not have a list of particular positions, OK? But let's get beyond the physical relationship. Does she have to like what you like? Music? Games? Movies? Food? Does she have to be responsible for all housework if you're responsible for everything from the garage outward? How about some give and take?

Feel free to answer anonymously, but I would like to know your age and stage of commitment, such as: 22 Single. 20 Married. 17 and Hoping. 32 still looking... etc.

Ladies, hold your answers, please. You'll get your say!!



Anonymous said...

A sexually uninhibited, personally self-confident woman who knows what she wants and is't afraid to go for it. She doesn't play games and she isn't into drama. She loves to make her man happy and expects the same from him.

Male 45 married

Morgan O'Reilly said...

This is good, but I'm looking for more specifics.

What makes you happy? Hot dinner on the table at a certain time every night? Or when you get home, whenever that may be? Dry cleaning hanging in the closet? Clean house each day? Or do you mind if your woman gets too busy to clean and cook?

J. Morgan said...

Someone able to put up with a lot of weird stuff and more than your normal amount of geekiness.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

I'm still looking for specifics:
- dresses nice
- looks pretty
- cooks Italian
- cleans her own fish
- knows how to change the oil
- can work a winch or tire lift
- understands a man's need for porn
- loves doing laundry and dishes

What does she do that turns you on? What says she loves you more than her new shoes?

Tom said...

Specifics don't matter; it's qualities that count: loving, kind, intelligent, full of humor, tolerant, compassionate, patient and playful.

These are the things that matter; the rest is ephemeral. As the philosophers say, they are accidents, not essence.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

Obviously I have the older, more experienced men today :) I like my men that way, but what I really need is a young man. Not so mature in your thoughts.

Think back to when you were fresh out of high school, or college, maybe when you first discovered that wonderful mysterious creature of the female sort. What did you look for then? What made you look twice and risk rejection to ask her out?