Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Reading Trail

Have you discovered the Summer Reading Trail yet? No? Check it out! There are many free reads featured, and the list changes each month. Some of the reads are entire books, some are chapters.

I have two books on the list: Cowboys Dream Too (A Morgan O'Reilly book) and Rachel Dahlrumple (by Shea McMaster). Both have the full first chapter posted. In a few days, when the calendar rolls over to July, the titles will swap out. If you haven't read the books, and you're curious, jump on it! 

Come July Jmo will also have a book on the reading list, so make sure you check back, possibly while chillin' over the 4th. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Hop Winners!

Without further ado, we present the winners of the Sexy Summer Solstice Just Romance Me Blog Hop!

Grand prize, NOOK GlowLight:
Missy C.

Other Prizes:

Theresa J.
Stacia D. Kelly: $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Lisa J.
Nina Pierce: $15 Ellora's Cave Gift Card

Shapeshifter Seductions Authors: Talbot's Peak Calendar & assorted ebooks off backlist

Kathy G. <== Email me with your snail mail! (morgan at
Morgan Q. O'Reilly: Morgan O'Reilly tote bag and pen
Graylin Fox: Signed copy of Your Biggest Fan

Renee B.
T.L. Schaefer: Choice from backlist
Rhonda L. Print: Guardian e-book
Maddy Barone: Free download of Wolf Tracker

Cathy M.
Olivia Brynn: Choice from backlist
Alianne Donnelly: Download of Bastien
Trina M. Lee: Choice from backlist

Casey Crow: Dance with a Millionaire
Rosanna Leo: Up in Flames
Casea Major: One Knight in Brooklyn

Juana E.
Lauren Fraser: Choice from backlist
Monette Michaels: Cold Day In Hell e-book
Annie Nicholas: Omegas in Love, Book 4 of The Vanguards

Tiffany C.
Bronwen Evans: eBook copy of To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield Regency Romance
Paige Tyler: Choice from backlist
Virginia Cavanaugh: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Stacie D.
Desiree Holt: Two ebooks of reader's choice
Alanna Coca: Choice from backlist

Amanda W.
Alix the Weaver: Winner's choice of ebook
Kayelle Allen: Surrender Love

And from The Morgan Diaries Blog side drawing, Catherine Lee, you win a copy of J.Morgan's Bite Marks Book One: Bite the One You're With

Congratulations everyone and thanks for playing along!

Blog Hop Day 5

Yes, sadly, we're at the end of the blog hop, but we're also down to the top ten movies on our list of all time favorite Romantic movies. Know that we argued long and hard over this. I still have bruises over most of my body and in places no man should have bruises. Morgan O. fights dirty in case you didn't know.

Be quiet before that soprano lilt to your voice becomes permanent, Jmo. Because, I'm still thinking Murphy's Romance needs to be in the top ten, but our other choices didn't allow it. 

Do you mind putting down the cattle prod? Pretty Please. I agreed Murphy's Romance was the closest thing we had to a tie for ten. However, you know as well as I do, Dennis Quaid in his prime trumps James Garner after his prime. 

So--drum roll please--without further ado,we present the Greatest Morgan Romance Movies of all time!!!!!!

10. The Big Easy
9. Romancing the Stone
8. Bridget Jones' Diary
7. The Ghost and Mrs Muir 

6. African Queen
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Notting Hill
3. Princess Bride
2. The Quiet Man
1. Casablanca

Thanks for playing along with us. Be sure to coast through to the end and get signed up for the grand drawing. One luck winner will get a Nook loaded with ebooks, and of course, something fabulous from me, a Morgan O'Reilly tote bag and pen. Very cool stuff! Jmo has a book in there as well.  Join our blog and stay in tune with what's newest and greatest in the world of the Morgans. It's sure to be entertaining!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sexy Summer Solstice Hop Day 4

Getting close to the end here. Have you been through the blog hop? Signed up to win? Commented for extra chances? 

You should be seeing a lot of Cary Grant here. He's the best, in my opinion. Just haven't made anyone like him since. If there was one actor who you think might be capable of filling Cary Grant's shoes, who do you think he is? Of course I'm all about the men. Jmo may have some opinions on female leads. I think Julia Roberts is up there for him.

Hey don't dis my Julia addiction, but this is definitely the Morgan O. block of the countdown, but we agree on a lot of the choices, otherwise they wouldn't be on here. Though, there was some biting and slapping over a couple of the picks on this part of the countdown. That was mainly me getting out of that closet Mo locked me in. By the way, could somebody explain why my mouth tastes like dog butt?

40. The Runaway Bride
39. The Cutting Edge
38. Victor Victoria
37. Sweet Home Alabama
36. Something to Talk About
35. Across the Universe
34. Pillow Talk
33. Bride and Prejudice
32. Operation Petticoat
31. My Fair Lady 

30. Chocolat
29. Fifty First Dates
28. Father Goose
27. Love Actually
26. Kate and Leopold
25. You've Got Mail
24. Witness
23. Jane Eyre
22. An Officer and a Gentleman
21. An Affair to Remember
20. When Harry Met Sally
19. Paint Your Wagon
18. It Happened One Night
17. Sleepless in Seattle
16. Moonstruck
15. Mama Mia
14. Ella Enchanted
13. American President
12. While You Were Sleeping
11. Murphy's Romance

Keeping up with the list? Coming in mid-stream?  If you're not signed up on the Sexy Summer Solstice Blog Hop with JustRomance.Me, get over there now and get with the program! Don't miss a chance to get some cool sway and great books!

As for our countdown list, you can find links to the past few days over on the Archives list. It's there to the right, scroll down until you see it and then click! You're in like Flynn.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sexy Summer Solstice Hop - Day 3

On to day three of the hop, day two of our Romantic Movie Countdown. Jmo's still in the closet with the Beggin' Strips, but now I hear him howling for more. While I go toss in some more, take a look at the next section of our countdown. Agree? Disagree? Maybe you'll like our top ten better and that will explain many of our choices here.

70. Snow White
69. Smoky and the Bandit
68. Serendipity
67. Sense and Sensibility
66. Mystic Pizza
65. Robin Hood Men in Tights
64. Road House
63. Pride and Prejudice
62. Pretty Woman
61. Overboard
60. Out of Africa
59. Only the Lonely
58. Never Been Kissed
57. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
56. Must Love Dogs
55. The Graduate
54. Two Mules for Sister Sara
53. Sleeping Beauty
52. Dr. Zhivago
51. Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
50. Gone with the Wind
49. Rooster Cogburn
48. People Will Talk
47. Cleopatra
46. Charade, the original with Cary Grant and Audrey
45. Philadelphia Story, again with Cary Grant
44. On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever
43. My Favorite Wife
42. McClintock
41. Breakfast at Tiffany's

We have more movies to go! If you're joining us just today, feel free to check back for the last two days in the archives and see how we've ranked the movies. Also, the more you comment, the more generous we feel! If you've lost your way on the Sexy Summer Solstice Blog Tour, click on the link for and join the hop! You could be the lucky owner of a Nook loaded with great books!

Need more info? Check out Day 1 and Day 2 of the hop.

And if you're looking for more reading material, check out this review for Morgan O's Til Death Undo Us, the beginning of the Shaughnessys and all those hot redheaded men!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Two of the Hop

Today is day one of our countdown of Romantic Movies. Don't quibble too much over our choices, or at least their placing. Jmo and I argued long and hard over the order. I won. I'm the female, I know. I also led him into a closet with the promise of bacon flavored Oreos. He's now locked in there and I'm wondering when or if he'll figure out it's only Beggin' Strips in the bag. Hell, bacon tastes like bacon, right?

Anyhow, starting the countdown with 100 through 71. The odd numbering is so we can wind up with our top ten at the very end. The top ten is the most important, so we'll work our way there.

100. Music and Lyrics
99. Mulan
98. The King and I
97. Jerry McGuire
96. Hope Floats
95. Hitch
94. He's Just Not That Into You
93. Heaven Knows Mr. Allison
92. Hairspray
91. Grosse Point Blank
90. Four Weddings and a Funeral
89. Empire Strikes Back
88. Doc Hollywood
87. Dirty Dancing
86. Elisabeth Town
85. Cinderella
84. Chances Are
83. Bridges of Madison County
82. Beauty and the Beast
81. Aladdin
80. A Star is Born
79. 27 dresses
78. Top Gun
77. To Wong Foo
76. Tin Cup
75. The Ugly Truth
74. The Phantom of the Opera
73. The Mexican
72. The Gods Must be Crazy
71. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain

I'm willing to bet you'll argue the placement of some, or most of our choices. You're free to do that, but this is our list, so this is how it stands. Tomorrow we'll see the next 30 down the list.

Remember to leave a comment, and if you fall off the hop, or want to start at the beginning, go to and get on board!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice is Upon Us!

You've found the Sexy Solstice Blog Hop!! This is the stop for Morgan Q. O'Reilly and J. Morgan. If you're lost or want to find the beginning, just go to JustRomance.Me and get on board!

Starting today we're celebrating the longest days of the year with the JustRomance.Me group of bloggers and hopping from on sexy fun blog to the next!

With the exception of the queen of the frigid north, Morgan O, we're fighting summer-melt-you-into-a-puddle conditions. Ignore her whining about days in the high 70s. She doesn't know what real summer is. Okay, so she doesn't have A/C in her house. Who needs it in Alaska? Seriously, go sit on a glacier.

That said, what better way to spend those long hot summer days and nights than with the greatest romantic movies of all time, a comfy chair, and the air conditioning tickling your toes? Morgan O. and I decided to help you out by giving you our top 100 movies of all time. The electric bill is on you though. We do movies. How low you set the thermostat is all you. 

So how did we decide which movies to slip into our top 100? Simple. They're the movies we, meaning the twin Mo's, can watch over and over again. We just can't live without them. Now you have to bear with us as starting tomorrow we'll get this thing Summered up with the first 25 movies and count down until we hit that magic numero uno. 

We invite you to play along with us. Hit us with the movies you think are too low, don't belong or just hit you in the heart. Even better let us know which movies you can't live without. Believe me, our DVD shelves are over flowing like crazy, just like yours are. Yes, it's true, we have no lives. Sad isn't it? Good thing we write for a living or we'd never have a vacation.

By vacation we mean, those little trips  inside our heads, that you get to read.

So get in the game! Comment to be entered into the drawing for whatever it is we're giving away.  I know there's a Nook loaded with great reads up for the Grand Prize at the end of the hop. We'll also be doing some impromptu give-aways as the spirit moves us.

And as a bonus, if your favorite love story has not been made into a movie, tell us what it is and why you think it deserves to be on the big screen. If you just happen to mention of our our books, well, you might get special preference!  

Stick around, view the pages listed to the right and be sure to say nice things to us. We really like that!

Click Here For The Start of The Romantic Movie Countdown.
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