Saturday, October 15, 2011

Upcoming Releases and Blog Tour

Exciting times are coming to the Morgan Diaries. We've got books! Jmo's next release is December and Morgan's Courage to Live, Book 2 in the Open Windows series is moving from galley to production for a Feb release.

But even closer than that, coming November 7 is the release of the long awaited Rachel Dahlrumple by Shea McMaster, aka Morgan's sweeter side. The good twin.

To really celebrate the release of Rachel, as the book is affectionately known by all who love it, Morgan is having a Book Launch Tour organized by the awesome folks at Goddess Fish Promotions. There will be prizes! I haven't decided if it will be a mug with the cover of Rachel, or a tote bag. I might let the winner of the drawing choose. Or I might have two winners. Depends on how many people comment and say really nice things to me. Or about me. Either works.

So here's the schedule. There will be a quiz later, and I'll be asking (reminding) people to drop by. Feel free to check out these sites ahead of time and get familiar with the owners. It will make for a fun time when the tour launches full force.
As the blog tour doesn't start for three weeks, I don't have everything exactly in place just yet, but I will. I have to. I'm leaving for two weeks in Mexico starting next Friday. I get home at Oh-Dark-Thirty the morning of the 6th. Don't be hating, it's my first trip with Mom to the timeshare she's had for eons. It's finally my turn. Yes, I'll take pictures of the pool boys. Jmo's applying for the job as we speak.

Come play with us! Got a favorite J. Morgan, Morgan O'Reilly, or Shea McMaster book? We'd love to hear about it.