Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Immortally Yours -- as in Forever.

Immortally Yours <= Get it here!

A NEW Release from J.Morgan!

Chase Michaels thought being cursed to live forever was a pain in the butt, until he finds himself on the trail of a runaway bride. When the lovely Mrs. Belle Gardner puts three shots right into his chest, he discovers pain in the butt doesn't even begin to cover the trouble he's let himself in for.

Learning that his client lied to him and that his trace is really the client's stepdaughter, Chase's rusty conscience gets the better of him. He agrees to protect her, only to find himself sinking into a deeper mystery that somehow connects Belle to his curse. Thrown headlong into a dark world where fairytales walk the earth, he must fight to keep them both alive. As a war of apocalyptic proportions breaks out around them, Chase struggles to discover if he can stand being immortal if it means losing the one thing he's never had -- love.

Chase is big, and bad, and gorgeous! Don't mess with Chase, unless you want to tickle his love engine. This hero is hot and just too much fun for words. Well, Jmo has the words, it's up to you to read them.

MorganO says: Eternally thrilling!

Shea McMaster says: Better than vampires!

Quinn O'Shea says: Magically delicious!

Get your copy today and be forever entertained. Well, until his next book comes out. In a month. Oct 1, The Borealis Anthology from Desert Breeze Publishing, but more on that later.

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