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Jingle Bell Hop Tote Bag Winner!

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Jingle Bell Hop! On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

Welcome to the Fifth Day of Christmas part of the Jingle Bell Blog Hop. Click here to find all the details and the correct order in which to Hop. OH! and don't forget to leave a comment so you can win goodies! I have a flirty Morgan Tote Bag to give away to one lucky commenter ;)

I had so much fun writing this, three more stories popped out! So here is a teaser to fulfill the Five Gold Rings portion of the hop, and then a link below to get the rest of the collection for only 99 cents.

The excerpt below contains Erotic Content.
If this is not your thing, or you are under 18 years of age,
please move on to the next Blog Stop.

Five Gold Rings

by Morgan Q. O'Reilly

Copyright 2011

I have no gift to bring, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum,” the Christmas carol played in the background as Terri wrapped gifts on the living room floor.

Caught up in the spirit, she pa-rum-pum-pum-pumed right along with the recording pouring from the surround sound speakers. “I played my best for him…”

Behind her the door of her tiny condo opened and a blast of cold from the hallway rushed in with Victor. It was cut off when he shut the door.

Quickly she put a last piece of tape on the paper covering her big gift to her lover. “Just in time, sweetheart.” Peel and stick, and the big bow she’d bought topped the box. “I just finished.”

Silence greeted her along with the still slightly chill air. Victor wasn’t big on words, but she knew he was there, standing by the door.

“I’m almost ready for the party. Took my bath and already did my hair and makeup. Just have to slip on my dress, shoes and jewelry and I’m ready to go. Won’t take me a minute to clean up here and finish dressing.” She rose to her feet and straightened her silk robe, the one he’d given her for Christmas last year. Deep ivy green, it barely covered her butt when she stood. Turning to face the entrance, she didn’t have to paste a smile on her face. Victor Maitland was the love of her life and he treated her so well it was impossible not to smile when he was around.

As she expected, Victor stood just inside the door, impeccably dressed in a tux with black tie under the long black wool coat he wore against the bitter cold winter waiting outside.

She took a long moment to drink in his appearance. Beyond the elegant clothes, the man himself was refined, yet falling just short of perfectly polished. It wasn’t apparent in his clothes, or his precision cut hair. Body and face were the result of centuries of perfect genetic blending. His hair was hair black, eyes intensely blue. Ah, his eyes. That’s where his image fell short of respectable. His eyes burned like blue flames and showed a hint of the devil inside. Her devil. If they’d lived a hundred years earlier, he’d be the rake all the society mamas twittered about, on the one hand warning their daughters away while on the other hand wondering just how thrilling it would be to get him into their beds for a night or three.

Tonight the flame was no less bright in his eyes as he scanned her from head to toe. By his smile, the slightly crooked, devilish one, she knew he approved her preparations so far. She’d swept her long blonde hair up with a few tendrils left to look enticingly escaped. A day at the spa had left her freshly waxed, perfectly smooth all over, her finger and toenails painted a wanton cherry red. Makeup artfully applied played up her cheekbones and made her round brown eyes look bigger. The dress she’d picked out, covered in a pattern of green sequins of all shades, emphasized her Marilyn Monroe figure the way he loved best. But then, so did the skimpy robe she wore now. Or didn’t, as the case may be, she thought when she felt the slippery belt give way and the robe gaped open.

“Hello,” she said, suddenly feeling shy under his intense scrutiny.


He didn’t need to say more. In his soft voice, the command was there.

With a shrug of her shoulders the silk slid to the floor. Arms folded behind her back thrust her breasts forward where he couldn’t miss the stainless steel rings. Standing with her legs slightly spread, she knew he could see the two labia rings and the one through her clit hood. The last six weeks had been long as she healed from the new decorations. Her gift of love to Victor. He hadn’t specifically insisted she get the piercings, and certainly not all at once, but he’d made a point of admiring the adornments. For his birthday she’d asked him to take her to the piercing salon. There, under the supervision of the salon operator, Victor himself had pierced her. And then cared for her, making sure the wounds remained infection free.

The pain had been worth it, she decided. The look in Victor’s eyes made every bit of it worthwhile. She wouldn’t recommend doing all five at once to anyone considering it, but at least the pain was done and over with. She couldn’t think of anything else she’d have pierced. Three holes in each ear, plus her five body piercings, were plenty.

“Finish dressing. The party starts soon and I don’t want to be late.”

“Yes, Victor. Will you help me?”

The heat in his eyes flared, and his smile deepened. But he shook his head. “I’ll wait here. Be quick.”

He had plans. Something wonderful. He loved to tease her, build up her anticipation, never failing to amaze her with his creativity.

Well, he wasn’t the only one who loved to tease. Turning, she bent over to retrieve her fallen robe, giving him a view from another angle. Upside down she peeked and saw his gaze firmly directed between her legs. The same view he got when he bent her over the arm of the sofa and attached a chain to the labia rings, running it over her lower back to hold her open to him. He’d presented the sterling silver chain a week ago, their first test of her piercings down there. A grand success, he’d declared and told her his plans for playing with her new jewelry and the ways he could torment her with intense pleasure.

“Don’t tease or there’ll be an extra paddling for you.”

Instead of scaring her, the threat titillated. “And if I want the extra paddling?”

“I might withhold it. Get moving.”

Fa-la-la-la-la-la-lah…” she sang with the stereo on the way to her room.

There she quickly pulled on the dress, a few lengths of swishy chiffon, weighted down with just enough sequins to keep the layers in place to adequately cover her, but a strong breeze would sweep aside the skirt panels and show off her lower body. The top plunged to the waist front and back. Victor could sweep the panels aside and expose her completely if he so chose.

And she hoped he would. At least in the car to and from the party. They’d made love in the back of the limousine plenty of times. Nearly every time they hired the service to transport them to and from the various functions his business demanded he attend. The sex relaxed them both before joining the tycoons and their ice cold wives. It enhanced Victor’s devil may care attitude that set him aside as a maverick in the old blue blood society.

She looked in the mirror one more time as she put on the last earring, a hoop with a diamond stud. The other holes held diamond studs in graduated sizes, also gifts from Victor. She never bought jewelry for herself, Victor wouldn’t hear of it. If she wanted it, he bought it. The jewelry box on her dresser held a fortune in gold, platinum and precious stones.

Around her neck she placed the gold and diamond heart necklace he’d given her for Valentine’s day. On her wrist the emerald and diamond bracelet for her birthday. Each piece reminded her of the lavish lovemaking that had accompanied the occasion. He didn’t always give her expensive jewelry, but he did love to see her dressed in nothing else. Now that she had the body piercings she wondered what clever ideas he had swirling around his imagination.

Last, she buckled on delicate heels with straps around her ankles. As cold as it was outside, she was grateful they had a warm car waiting. One last check in the mirror and she smiled in satisfaction. Victor would find nothing out of place. She grabbed her clutch and hurried to where she found him waiting with her hooded cashmere cape in hand.

“Beautiful.” The few words he did use conveyed his feelings perfectly. “Show me.”

As he insisted her clothes provide him ease of access, she demonstrated how the dress could be adjusted to display or hide her body.

“Perfect. Get a half dozen more like this in all the colors you like best.” He whipped the cloak around her shoulders then tugged on one nipple ring before covering it with the cloak. “Don’t cover yourself with the dress until I tell you.”

“Yes, Victor.”

The trip down to the car was swift and before the cold had a chance to settle in, Victor had her tucked into the warm car, cocooned in their own world, separated from the driver by the privacy screen. Soft Christmas music drifted from the speakers.

The car pulled away from the curb and Victor patted his lap. “Come here.”

Knowing his preference, and hers too, she held her cloak closed as she rose up on her knees and straddled his legs.

“Feeling cold?” he smiled and reached for her cloak.

Throat dry with anticipation, she shook her head.

Victor pulled her cloak open and gazed at her exposed breasts. Already puckered, her nipples tightened more under his observation. “So beautiful, but something’s not quite right.”


“Stop frowning.” He smoothed the frown from her brow with one thumb. “Kiss me instead.”

Immediately her smile returned. An order she loved, she placed her hands on his wide shoulders for balance and leaned forward to touch his lips with hers. Victor’s hands skimmed her torso, stopping only briefly to hold her breasts and tease her nipples. He’d been holding off playing with her new rings, letting her heal, but now he tested and she moaned into his mouth. His kiss, always able to heat her to molten lava, combined with the new nipple stimulation took her to new heights. The sensitivity… it was beyond what she’d ever imagined. She wanted him in her, now.

His moan matched hers as he took his hands away from her breasts and moved down her body to still her hips. “Soon,” he murmured against her lips. “But first…”

His hands parted the panels of her skirt. The warm air of the car brushed against her sensitized skin and her clit throbbed against the ball of the piercing resting over it. Victor found it and played with it, sending her temperature higher.

“Please,” she begged, her inner muscles clenching in a need so strong she trembled.

“Soon,” he promised. “I do like this dress.”

A giggle bubbled up and she let it escape. Of all the times to admire her dress… then again, it was designed exactly for this moment.

“I have a gift for you,” he said.

“I know, I feel it. I want it.”

Victor chuckled. “Yes, you’ll get that one too. You own that one, have since the day we met.”

Terry pulled back enough to look into his eyes, remembering the night they’d met at one of the interminable parties her parents insisted she attend on behalf of their favorite charities. It was a good cause, and she loved raising money for it, but did it have to be done at rubber chicken dinners over stifling small talk? Victor had saved her that night, and every night since.

“Now hold still,” he said while reaching into his breast pocket. “Close your eyes.”

She gave a huff to demonstrate her frustration, but did as told. Victor never gave orders like that unless something wonderful was about to happen. They were perfect together. He loved to tease her, she loved his brand of teasing, and even more, they both loved the climax that left them sated and breathless. Sometimes the teasing lasted only a moment, sometimes hours, and on occasion, days. This time the teasing had carried on for weeks, Victor being careful of her healing. She was ready to move forward, full steam ahead.

“I’m giving you new jewelry,” he said. Immediately she felt the tugging as he removed the stainless steel ring from her right nipple and replaced it with something metallic and warm. Something that also had a dangly bit that…jingled. Like a tiny bell.

“Wha--?” she started to ask but he silenced her with a finger against her lips.

“Hold still, I don’t want to miss and hurt you.”

The second nipple ring was replaced and the jewelry on her nipples tinkled merrily as he flicked the tips of her hard peaks.

“Ooh…” She wiggled and moaned. The music was faint, but there. How far would it carry? She didn’t even know where they were going tonight. He’d said it was a surprise. “May I see?”

“Not yet,” he said, his hands moving downward. “Sit on the seat behind you, in full presentation.”

She quickly scooted off his lap, to the rear facing seat and scooched down, her legs spread, giving him complete access to her smooth coochie.

“Keep your eyes closed.” More bells tinkled as he replaced the labial rings and finally her clit ring. Cold liquid touched each spot. “To prevent infection,” he explained. “Although you’ve healed, it’s still early days.”

Good hygiene was at the top of Victor’s list. He didn't ever want to be sidetracked by uncleanliness. A fact she appreciated.

Eyes still closed, she could only imagine the expression on his face as he flicked each tinkling bell, the sensation firing her imagination. Were they going to the club where he’d pull back the drapes of her dress and show off her new jewelry? Were they going to some Mayflower event where only he and she would hear the bells and know where the sound came from? Or was it a far more intimate gathering where only a few friends would be, the women stripped of all but their jewelry for the men to admire?

“Yes, just what I like to see.” He flicked the jewelry pieces, one by one, saying just one word to identify each in turn. “Love. Respect. Devotion. Faith. Trust. That’s what these five represent.” He stopped on the one over her clit. Trust. Her trust had been stretched to the limit when he’d saved this spot for last at the piercing salon. And as always, he’d earned her trust by doing it just right. Even the salon owner had been impressed with his accuracy.

Victor’s finger stroked the very edge of her labia. “You like this. Sit up straight, you know how, I want to look.”

She sat up straight, perched on the very edge of the leather seat, legs spread, the drapes of her skirt falling to the outside of her thighs, her breasts exposed. Each movement made music.

“May I open my eyes?”

“Yes.” Victor’s gaze was directed at her eyes as she opened them. The desire there took her breath away. “What do you think? Take a look.”

She did as told. From the new gold rings on her breasts hung little gold bells, much like the ones hanging from the tree in her apartment. When she moved, tiny gold clappers hit the sides, creating delicate music. She wiggled and from below she heard a slightly different tone.

At his nod, she bent forward and touched herself. Three tiny, enclosed bells, also gold, hung from new gold rings.

“They’re beautiful…but…”

“The noise?” His eyes crinkled in amusement. “Our secret. Others may hear it, but only you and I will know where it’s coming from. However,” he reached into his pocket again and withdrew a long jewelers box, “this will redirect the curiosity but for only the truly knowledgeable.” He opened the box and took out a small gold chain with a five bells hanging from it. “Give me your right foot.”

He’d barely secured the chain around her ankle when the car slowed and turned. “We’re here.”

A glance out the darkly tinted window showed the car traveling up the long drive to Victor’s family’s mansion. So. A family event. And Victor had dressed her to catch attention. A glance at his face showed his wicked amusement. He loved to taunt his perfectly icy stiff parents. Usually he did it some way other than flaunting her, or their sexual relationship, in their face. But tonight, she didn’t care. Really, she never cared. Both of them shared a disdain for the hypocrisy of their “set” and how they pretended to be proper on the surface, yet most cheated on their spouses and business partners in private. What she had with Victor was far more healthy, far more loving and respectable, a code shared with their closest friends.

Victor tugged the bodice of her dress over her breasts. “I can hardly wait to unwrap you later.”

By the time the driver came around to open the door, Terri was covered properly. Victor climbed out first and helped her from the warmth of the car into the cold under the portico. Not one flake of the snow falling from the inky sky would touch her head or toe, but that didn’t make her any more eager to stand outside. Without running, Victor whisked her into the grand foyer where a servant waited to take their coats.

They were quickly caught up in the crowd made up of forty of Paul Maitland’s closest friends and family. Small talk and laughter, served up with champagne and hors d'oeuvres, mostly covered the tinkling of Terri’s bells. When someone commented, she shook her leg, drawing attention to the bells at her ankle. Many women turned green with envy while their men took their time admiring her leg, and other bits of skin showing as she moved about in the protective shell provided by Victor’s arm.

Victor’s best friend, Sheldon Clark smiled knowingly and brushed up against her more than once. They’d talk more at the club, although Sheldon’s Aunt Amelia, another member of V Club, also smiled into her champagne and quietly asked what the bells felt like, while the club’s manager, Edward, listened attentively. Amelia mildly commented she’d been considering something similar.

“We’ll get together soon and I’ll fill you in,” Terri promised, curious about the odd expression on Edward’s face. She knew he and Amelia were friends, but tonight something seemed different. Not just that Edward was at an event away from the club, he was a regular in society, but Terri couldn’t ever remember him standing so close to Amelia. Amelia’s husband, Charles Walker, stood across the room, blind to what might be a developing liaison. Interesting.

Possible scandals were forgotten the moment the dining room doors were thrown open. Dinner was predictable, although the beef roast was far more exquisite than the chicken often served at larger events. Everything around her glittered, from the decorations filling the dining room, to the priceless china and crystal, to the jewels worn by not only the women but the men as well. Victor wore a solid gold bracelet she’d bought him and a family signet ring with a significant diamond set in it. All the major jewelry designers were well represented. She speculated that all the loot combined could open a store to rival Tiffany in value.

With dinner cleared, dessert and coffee just served, the room quieted to the music of a spoon gently tapping a ringing crystal goblet. Terri followed the sound to see Victor, seated near his mother, ignoring the maternal glare for abusing the crystal.

Their gazes locked. The room hushed. Victor stood and lifted his newly refilled champagne glass. Walking slowly, he started around the table.

“I have something to say.”

The last whispers in the room died and all grew still but for the background music. Carol of the Bells.

Terri’s breath hitched and her heart leaped. She only had eyes for her lover, and he for her. The more intense his gaze grew, the warmer her cheeks became.

“I’ve only known Terri a year. But from the time our gazes met across the room at the St Jude’s gala, I’ve seen no other woman.”

He walked around his father’s end of the table, and Terri turned in her chair to follow his progress. She was seated at the midpoint of the table, between a congressman and a priest. Both of whom had glanced at her chest more than once as if trying to pinpoint the source of the music coming from her nipple bells.

“Terri, I’d be honored, and immeasurably proud, if you’d allow me to call you my wife.”

He reached out to her and she grabbed a hold of his hand with her left. Slowly she stood and moved into his arms.

“Marry me.”

“Yes,” she whispered around the ringing in her ears.

Applause broke out around them as he kissed her, deeply, meaningfully, possessively.

“The ring!” someone called out. “Let’s see the ring!”

Laughing, they were both breathless when they parted.

“Yes,” Victor said. “This wouldn’t be complete without the ring.”

In his hand was yet another jeweler’s box, small, square and covered in black velvet. He opened the box and revealed the treasure inside. Five slender, gold bands, four of them folded into a knot over the middle ring where a huge emerald cut diamond rested.

“Five gold rings,” he whispered. “To match the real symbols of our love.” His hand brushed her breast as he lifted her left hand, making the bell there ring.

Terri understood. The rings he’d given her in the car.

Of course the ring fit perfectly. Victor was careful about such details.

“Love, respect, devotion, faith and trust,” she whispered back to him.

“What’s that?” the congressman called out.

“Love, respect, devotion, faith and trust,” Victor said out loud. “The five tenets upon which our relationship is based. All are equally important and symbolized by the five rings held together by a lovers knot.”

Arms still around her, Victor turned her so he stood at her back and held out her left hand, the movement accompanied by her muffled bells.

“I keep hearing bells,” the elderly priest muttered.

Victor hid his laugh by pressing a kiss to her neck, an act that sent shivers chasing across her skin and started a warm, moist, ache between her legs. When the congressman held up Victor’s glass of champagne for him to take, she realized he must have passed it off before embracing her.

They stayed just long enough to gather the congratulations of everyone present, and giddy with anticipation, she let Victor take her off to the foyer for their coats.

The old butler smiled. “Your car is waiting, Mr. Victor. I offer my sincerest congratulations, and the staff extends their best wishes for a long and happy life to you both.”

Victor clapped him on the shoulder. “Thanks, Rothwell.”

Terri hurried into the car, hardly noticing the thick flakes of white falling like a curtain around the house. She wanted to accept Victor’s proposal her way.

He’d barely sat when she leaped onto his lap, legs splayed to straddle his thighs.

“Hey,” he gently protested.

“Yes, Victor, a thousand times yes,” she said as she flung off her cloak and reached for his pants. “Just don’t make me wait a second longer. I want you now.”

Instead of holding her back, he pushed her skirt panels aside, ringing her bells as he stroked between her legs. “Sweet Venus, you’re wet. You’re molten.”

“I am. All for you.” She opened his fly and reached inside, finding him readily enough and setting him free from his silk boxers. “And you’re ready for me.”

“Only you. Always you.”

She directed him with precision and lowered herself onto his cock. His hands found her lower rings and tugged on them, holding her open until he was fully seated inside, filling her the way she loved best. Inside she flexed her muscles, drawing a groan from him.

“I want to hear bells,” he said. Hands gripping her hips, he lifted her and let her settle down again, the sound of her bells creating a merry tune. “All of them, keep moving,” he ordered and reached for her breasts. The bodice readily parted and he wrapped his big hands around each breast, bouncing her flesh, making the last two bells ring. “All of them, darling. Fuck me like you mean it.”

She began to move, fast, slow, up and down, undulating, rolling her hips, grinding against him, all the ways they both loved. All around she heard bells. The music was glorious. If the saying were true, a whole host of angels were getting their wings right then.

Victor pulled her toward him and wrapped his lips around one nipple while tweaking the other, playing with her nipple rings in ways he hadn’t yet dared. Spikes of heat, pure liquid fire, streaked through her body. She held onto his shoulders loving the contrast of his perfectly groomed upper body, still securely wrapped properly in silk and wool while his center connected with her center. So proper, and yet so naughty at the same time. It was the contrasts of Victor that kept her intrigued. So very much like him and something that kept his business competitors off balance.

As if sensing her slight distraction, he used his tongue to tug on the nipple ring in his mouth and she felt her anticipation, her need, move higher.

He released her nipples, moving one hand to her waist, the other to the bell between her legs. “Do you like this? Did it tease you all evening?”

“Yes.” She moaned. “Yes, the bell kept tormenting me. All of them. I wanted nothing more than to drag you into the library and beg you to fuck me right there, on the desk, on the rug, anywhere. I need you. Now, Victor, now.”

“There’s an image I like. You, wide open for me, on top of my great grandfather’s desk.”

He rubbed her clit harder and she exploded. Bells filled her ears, although she wasn’t sure if they were the ones she wore, inside her head, or on the stereo. Victor’s shout followed a second later and she felt him pulsing inside her clenching muscles. His hands gripped her hips hard, holding her down tight on him. A long moment later, it seemed like hours, her body eased right down on top of him like wax softened to the point just before melting.

“There’s one tenet we left off the list,” he murmured.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Desire.”

“That’s the diamond. It sparkles like my desire for you. Now and always.”

“Five gold rings and one bright star to remind us for all time.”

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

“Yes, very merry.”

Victor moved deep inside her and she smiled right into his shining eyes. From the speakers came her favorite carol of all. The bells would always remind her of this night.

Victor pushed the button to speak with the driver. “Take the long way home, Nelson.”

“Very good, sir.”

The intercom cut out and the music returned.

“Now where were we,” Victor asked.

“We were playing some music.” She moved on his lap and her bells joined the carol on the speakers.

“…pa-rum-pum-pum-pum…I played my best for Him, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum, rum-pum-pum-pum, rum-pum-pum-pum, Then He smiled at me, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum...”

Victor’s smiled outshone all the diamonds she’d ever seen. “Yes, play for me.”

* * *

For more of That Olde Christmas Magic, click on the title and it will take you to the Smashwords link.

Angels might get wings with every bell that rings, but four couples find that bells and magic this Christmas send them flying on wings of love.

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~ Sheldon has A Paddle for Patti and she learns every now and again it's good for the soul.

~ Edward has All Amelia Wants for Christmas, but can she take it?

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That Olde Christmas Magic

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Coming Soon - Jingle Bell Hop

Join the Jingle Bell Hop, December 9-11, get a new take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, and get a chance to win books and/or a Kindle Fire! What a way to ring in the holidays this year!

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Book Reviews - Bookin' It Reviews: A Day in the Life of Rachel Dahlrumple

Book Reviews - Bookin' It Reviews: A Day in the Life of Rachel Dahlrumple: Bookin' It Reviews is proud to welcome author Shea McMaster here today! She's here today with Rachel Dahlrumple, the heroine from her roma...

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Rachel Dahlrumple: The Blog Tour

This week all the action is taking place on Shea McMaster's blog tour. Rachel Dahlrumple is now available at Lyrical Press and this week only is introductory offered at 30% off! Yes! Instead of $5.50, you can get it for $3.85. This is a full length novel, so you get a lot of story for your buck.

Okay, so much for the used car sales pitch. I'm not good at it anyway.

To get all the details, find out the backstory of how Rachel came to be, get yourself over to the Blog Tour organized by the lovely ladies at Goddess Fish Promotions. They've hooked me up with some very awesome blog folks and we're having fun with interviews and blogs dealing with issues such as writers block and betrayal.

Today is Day Three and I'm visiting at Carrie Ann Ryan's blog. For the entire schedule, check it out at HERE.

Oh, and if you just want to buy the book, look for it at LPI, Amazon/Kindle, Nook, ARe and many other fine ebook retailers. I don't mind. Really. You can buy as many copies as you like ;)

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Morgan, writing as Shea McMaster
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Upcoming Releases and Blog Tour

Exciting times are coming to the Morgan Diaries. We've got books! Jmo's next release is December and Morgan's Courage to Live, Book 2 in the Open Windows series is moving from galley to production for a Feb release.

But even closer than that, coming November 7 is the release of the long awaited Rachel Dahlrumple by Shea McMaster, aka Morgan's sweeter side. The good twin.

To really celebrate the release of Rachel, as the book is affectionately known by all who love it, Morgan is having a Book Launch Tour organized by the awesome folks at Goddess Fish Promotions. There will be prizes! I haven't decided if it will be a mug with the cover of Rachel, or a tote bag. I might let the winner of the drawing choose. Or I might have two winners. Depends on how many people comment and say really nice things to me. Or about me. Either works.

So here's the schedule. There will be a quiz later, and I'll be asking (reminding) people to drop by. Feel free to check out these sites ahead of time and get familiar with the owners. It will make for a fun time when the tour launches full force.
As the blog tour doesn't start for three weeks, I don't have everything exactly in place just yet, but I will. I have to. I'm leaving for two weeks in Mexico starting next Friday. I get home at Oh-Dark-Thirty the morning of the 6th. Don't be hating, it's my first trip with Mom to the timeshare she's had for eons. It's finally my turn. Yes, I'll take pictures of the pool boys. Jmo's applying for the job as we speak.

Come play with us! Got a favorite J. Morgan, Morgan O'Reilly, or Shea McMaster book? We'd love to hear about it.


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Summer is Heating Up!

While Jmo swelters way down south, and I melt under Alaska's impression of a summer, things have been getting busy behind the scenes. So much so, we've neglected our blogging duties.

I can assure you, Jmo has been writing up a storm! Yes, he's been chained to his laptop, writing so furiously he hasn't even had time for my FaceBook jokes. That's sad. BUT, you will be the beneficiaries, as his Love Bites series continues on in it's fast-paced hilarious style. Besides, you have to check out his covers. Original art by the incredibly talented Nik Rainieri. It's awesome. The next one, Book Five: Lovership of the Stake comes out August 1.

As for me, the other Morgan, I've been editing like crazy. Not only my work, but I've been editing on the side, as a way to keep my mind sharp. That and people seem to think I know what I'm doing. Hey, as long as it gets me a little cash and more books, I'm willing to give my opinion in the formative stages. Whether they like my opinion or not doesn't matter. I'll do almost anything for free books. Now I just need the time to read them.
Which leads me to my next topic. MY next release. Yep, I got one. And I've been lazy about promoting it. So here it is:

Releasing Monday, July 18, 2011, Til Death Undo Us: Book One of the Open Windows Series. Manic Readers gave it a 4.5 star review already!

And here's the even cooler part, Book 2, Courage to Live is in edits for a February release! Book 3 is started. That's all I'm going to say on that one, but it should be out sometime next spring.

In other Coming Soon News, my alter-ego, Shea McMaster has a new release going through final edits as we speak. Rachel Dahlrumple, a full length Romantic Suspense is coming out this November. Keep an eye on that link, the blurb and excerpt will follow in the coming weeks. You can get a first peek at the beautiful cover there.

So, you think that's enough stuff happening? No way! There's more!

Due to the popularity of the Temp Tat from my last post, I've created a line of products for those who want to show off their love of eBooks. Or rather, books in general. If the Get Some Tonight heart makes you smile, share the happiness. Yes, you can get mugs, apparel, mouse pad, apron, magnet, or even a key chain with not only the Get Some Tonight logo, but some other doodling I've been doing, at my Zazzle store. Some of these items might even become prizes or give aways somewhere down the line.

NOTE: One little caveat. Just a teeny tiny thing. In order to see the Get Some Tonight items, you have to be set up to see PG-13 sites. There are a couple G-Rated items, but most are PG-13.

In the mean time, I'm handing out temp tats and bookmarks like CRAZY. A bunch are headed for the Midwest Fiction Writers Fall Harvest Workshop with Margie Lawson this coming September. You lucky ducks! I had so much fun last year and wish I could go again.

Okay. NOW I'm done. So much to do! So much happening! So little time to do it all! When the reading bug bites, we hope you think of us, The Morgans.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get Your Tat!

Fun, Fabulous, and in limited quantities!

It’s a temporary tattoo designed to help you send a message to your someone special.

Yes, the Big Guy, aka my Budget Master, said I could order the spiffy shiny new bookmarks to go with the tats if my friends and fans sent me a letter sized SASE to help defray the cost. Bookmarks and tats in addition to envelopes and postage made him frown, but this he agrees to!

To get your very own, send me a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Must be able to take a 6″ bookmark, so letter size is perfect. Send it to:

Morgan O’Reilly C/O AKRWA

Attn: Temp Tat!

P.O. Box 877743

Wasilla, AK 99687

2″ x 2″ it’s the perfect size to put, well, just about anywhere on your body! High quality, long lasting and fun to flash! If you’re lucky enough to attend RWA National, you might be able to get one there, but why wait? Why risk missing out on the limited supplies available in the Goodie Room?

And supplies definitely are limited to first come first served, so don’t delay!

PS: If you really want to, you’ll be able to snip off the “Love, MorganO” without losing any of the heart before applying, but really, why would you want to?


For Entertainment Purposes Only. For adults 18+. Not for children.

Use with Care.

Informal testing has shown these tats inspire lustful thoughts in devoted partners.

Results may vary based on location of tattoo.

Use Responsibly… or not.

Author assumes no risk or blame, but will take all the credit!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Desert Breeze

A funny thing happened on the way to quit writing. I didn't. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit confusing but it's true. A little over two years ago, give or take a month, I was standing on that cliff all authors find themselves on at one time or another in their lives. After having not one but three defunct publishers, a case of writer's block like you wouldn't believe and a fairly large stack of internet rejections, I fully intended to slide my trusty laptop onto a shelf and go back to my first love. That would be sitting in my chair watching TV, just in case anyone is wondering.

Now, we get back to the bit about a funny bit happened… Love those dot dot dots! Where was I? Oh yeah, the funny thing. I heard that a friend from one of those aforementioned defunct publishers had plans to kick start a company of her own. Since I already had a couple books more or less finished, I figured, why not give it one last shot? It didn't hurt that I trusted this friend, and believe me, being a writer trust is a big plus when choosing a publisher. We talked for a little while and I really liked the direction she had in her head for this new company. I have never been one to write the steamy and she wasn't interested in the steamy. Stories were what she was looking for.

So, when we finally got around to talking about the above stories, I told Gail I had this manuscript that had already made the rounds. Which led to a third degree worthy of Elliot Ness. I'll be the first to admit, my style isn't exactly positioned on this side of normal. That's part of my charm. She agreed to check it out and see how it fit into her vision for Desert Breeze. So, needless to say, not only had I found a new place to sub a book, I also reconnected with a friend.

After a short period, Gail got back to me. Always a good sign in this business. She liked the story, but where did I see it going? Honestly, I wanted to write more with the characters. In fact, before I let her look at it, the story had already been beefed up from the original length of twenty thousand words, from when I'd subbed it the first time, to a total of some forty something thousand words. So, I explained the ideas I already had for a series based on the first book. A little bit of hindsight here, but it's gone past those feeble notions and exploded into something I hadn't even seen back then. She gave me a hmm and said that she liked the idea but the first book needed more.

More! More? What exactly did she mean by that? Didn't matter. My brain had already started churning. Or, was that burning? Because, I definitely remember smelling smoke and something that vaguely smelled like bacon and cheddar. In any case, I could come up with something. There were some parts that could stand a little umphing up. I'm all about the umph. So, with my carpel tunnel whining, I jumped into the fray and pumped out another twenty thou of story. A side note before I go any further: I would still like to jump in with a fresh can of umph. After writing nearly four more books in this series, I see some room for improvement in the story that started it all. In case you haven't figured it out, the book was Love at First Stake.

From that first conversation with Gail, I got the impression that Desert Breeze would become my home. She made it quite clear as a publisher she wanted stories, not brief encounters that were more flash than substance. I'd gotten into writing to tell stories. To make pictures move inside people's minds. Here, I'd found a publisher with the same agenda I had. Not only that, but Gail and Jenifer were willing to give me a chance to explore this strange world that had been living inside my head and see where it went. Out of everything I've gained from Desert Breeze, that is what keeps me delving into the same world. Desert Breeze isn't just a business, it's a family. We care, support and help each other.

In a world where everything is dog eat dog, I couldn't think of a better place to call home. And I was honored to be one of the first authors to be released under the flowing Desert Breeze banner. It's hard to believe it's already been two years. Funny how time flies, when someone keeps you chained to a laptop and forces you to live inside your own imagination. Really, no forcing involved and Gail says the chain can come off in a year or so.

To celebrate not only Desert Breeze's anniversary, but mine with them, I would like to offer one lucky reader one of the books from the Love Bites Series. To check out this series, and the rest of my insanity, click here and feel free to check the rest of the amazing authors. So, how does one get in the running for a chance to win? Just plop a comment down and you're not only staked out for a Love Bite, but you're also tickling the fang for the grand prize at the Desert Breeze Blog to be announced at the end of the month. Mine will be on the 28th, so stay tuned.

Before I sign off and go do something authorly, like write or something, Happy Birthday Desert Breeze, and here's to many more!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LASR Voting is open!

Voting has opened! So run on all four paws if you have to, over to Long and Short Reviews and cast your ballot for our little Southern Bell with Bite! Madison would be most appreciative. Who knows she might not chase your car next time there's a full moon, but I'm not promising. She gets bitey and scares me just a little. To cast your vote, click on the handy dandy banner above and it'll take you to the LASR site. As always, thanks for your support and keep on reading!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nominated for LASR Book of the Year!

I am so excited I could plotz! Long and Short Reviews has nominated The Southern Werewolf Chronicles Book One: Were Love Blooms for Book of the Year! I know! Right? Instead of preening over my own awesome, which is only as awesome as the people involved in the process of making this book possible, let me instead thank those people.

First and foremost, I have to send out a big this one's for you to my loving wife Jenna for inspiring me to love, write and to create Madison Lee. Yep, that's right she's Madison. Another big congrats needs to go to my wonderful crit partners who were with me every step of the way on this book with helping advice, comfort and a lot of support when I needed to believe in myself and didn't. You know who you are, but Morgan O'Reilly, Susan White and Helen Ravell thanks and please don't stop being those voices in my chat window. Finally thanks to Gail and Jenifer with Desert Breeze Publishing for taking a chance on me and this series. Without them, it would probably still be stuck on my computer gathering dust. Another thanks goes out to those of you, the readers, for continuing to support me and my work. Truly, I could not do this without you and wouldn't want to even try.

All that said my last thanks has to go to Long and Short Reviews for liking Were Love Blooms enough to nominate it and having as one of the Best Books of 2010. I'm in some great company, too. So, just being listed is an honor. I'm not just saying that. The voting begins February 14th and runs through the 27th.

Were Love Blooms and I hope to see you at the polls!