Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loving on Love Day

This is part of the Valentine's Day Blog Hop with the wonderful authors of Liquid Silver Books! Just click on the words to join the blog tour at the beginning if you missed it. Otherwise, continue down for some lovely eye candy!

We're Morgan O'Reilly and J. Morgan, guests of the awesome ladies who organized this very fun blog tour. Actually, Jmo is shy, so I, Morgan, get to play to my heart's content! And my heart does love to play...

So, it's the most romantic weekend of the year, and well, my guy is taking off for a weekend with the boys! Friends from high school, they do this once a year, just not usually on Valentine's weekend. The dirty rats. (Not really, but it sounds good! And I have pouting points forever!!)

So what to do? Look for hotties to keep me company until he comes home on Sunday to take me out for a romantic dinner!

First of all, a pair of sexy covers!

These are just an example of some of our books. Well, our sexiest covers to date. This tour is sexy, right?

Part of this fun adventure will involve book give aways. Coming in our next post, a couple excerpts from the books we're giving away. Surprise! You'll have to work a little to find out which ones! (Hint: They're listed with the rest of the books being given away this weekend!) In the meantime, feel free to check out our websites or click on the covers above and be whisked off to bookland for more fun information.

Ready to play? Me too!
Morgan O'Reilly
J. Morgan


Meandi's corner said...

oh you'll have that over his head forever that s great lol


marcieo said...

Very nice book covers!

Susan said...

Very sexy covers!

Michelle said...

Wow, he is going to have to really be extra spectacular to work off the negative points of going away with THE BOYS... that is a hard one to counter...

Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

Camille said...

OMG very sexy, especially since that woman actually has curves! (is that a love handle I see? :D) HAPPY VALENTINES TO with love all the way from Australia!!

Beth said...

Nice covers.

Happy Valentine's Day

s7anna said...

Gorgeous covers!!