Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To The Stars... And Beyond!

Two of your favorite authors, SIX great reads!

If you like Futuristic Science Fiction, then these two books will provide six times the pleasure. Of course, the entries by Jmo and me will be the highlights... okay, who am I kidding? They're all great and focus on six different sets of brave heroines and hunky heroes. What more could a girl want?

Below are the excerpts from the stories your Morgan authors contributed. This time Shea gets to step into MorganO's place for a fun romp through the space station.

Kiss Me, Kate by J. Morgan

K'Tyln Dar is a pampered prince who wants to finally become the man his planet needs so he goes in search of the baddest bounty hunter in the known universe -- The Professor.

Richelle is called The Professor because she knows every possible way to kill a man. Most people -- like K'tyln -- have no idea that the most ruthless killer in the known universe is a woman. And she likes to keep it that way. Richelle has neither the time nor patience for a puff-shirt, golden boy politician like K'tyln Dar.

When he brazenly demands to meet The Professor and reveals his desire to 'learn to be a warrior', her first thought is to put him in his pompous place. But, as he takes his licks -- and bruises -- and contusions -- she sees a glimpse of the man he not only wants to be, but the man he is deep down inside.

Bleu Lies by Shea McMaster

Commander Kal Raines began questioning the wisdom and guidance of the TPP when they exiled him to the Borealis. But, he's loyal if nothing else. Since then, he's questioned every choice he's made in the name of the TPP.

Summer Merriweather has worked for the Rebellion under many names and in many situations, and now she's on Borealis. She has a mission which includes sizing Kal and how he might be of use to the forces opposing the TPP. Is he ready to switch sides?

When Summer crosses Kal's path, she brings even more choices into question and he sees his loyalties have been thrown to the feet of swine. When he realizes he has the chance to help in the ultimate overthrow of the TPP… he stands and the precipice and must either step back or jump. Step back, and let the Rebellion die… Jump… and join Summer in an ongoing, stealthy battle to strengthen the rebellion and perhaps someday overthrow the TPP.

We hope you check them out and fall in love with a whole new world.

Morgan O'Reilly
Writing as Shea McMaster

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Gotta love these authors! Thanks for sharing, the release date!