Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Two-Fer at LASR

Today, I feel doubly honored. Long and Short Reviews has nominated not one but two of my current releases for Book of the Week. Immortally Yours and The Borealis Anthology are both in some pretty great company. Sadly, I must now use my Jedi Mind Tricks to encourage you to go vote.

These are the books you want to vote for...

Please ignore the man waving his hand like a loon, but he's a bit insane, being an author and all. Okay, I'm the one waving but still that's no reason not to step forward and cast your vote. Besides, it might make me stop twirling my hand around. My wrist is starting to hurt.

Thanks ahead of time for your consideration and vote,


Here's where to go cast your ballot!

Long and Short Reviews

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