Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trailer Trash Tuesdays: Savannah Chase

It's the start of Savannah Chase week here at The Morgan Diaries and we're counting up our pennies for the big auction! Yes, the bachelor auction where the hunky hunks are gathering even as we speak.

I'm chasing Savannah hoping I can get her to send me the actual trailer, but until I catch her, here's the YouTube link.


Bid for Love, check it out at www.lyricalpress.com.


Kissa Starling said...

Such a great book trailer, Savannah. Did you make it yourself? I love the backgrounds.

Jeff is one sexy character!


Savannah Chase said...

Kissa, thank you...oh he is..I only wish he was real....The trailer was created by one of my readers as a gift for me...

Denise_1982 said...

aawww I love this trailer...LOL...I love making them. I'm glad you liked it!