Saturday, September 27, 2008

Review: Emily's Nightmare by Melanie Atkins

Available from Cobblestone Press

J Morgan: Okay, let me the first to say I love of good bit of suspense and Emily's Nightmare dishes it up perfectly. Melanie never disappoints.

MorganO: I agree. She always delivers the goodies, especially when it comes to her hot male leads.

J Morgan: And let's not forget strong memorable heroines.

MorganO: True, she doesn't disappoint when handing a woman a gun. The men are just lucky she doesn’t point it at them.

J Morgan: What constantly amazes me is how she makes you forget the world exists when you're reading her books.

MorganO: Absolutely. I get lost in her books, and Emily's Nightmare is no exception. Notice I said books as in the plural. Melanie has a nice backlist of good books to read.

J Morgan: The emotional pull is so strong in this one, I doubt you could finish without emotionally and physically drained.

MorganO: There's no doubt you're left hanging right up to the end. Always a good thing in a Romantic Suspense.

J Morgan: It even has a touch of the paranormal as you keep wondering where the re-occurring dream will take Emily.

MorganO: It is truly déjà vu or only a metaphor for what might happen? That’s what you’re left to wonder about.

J Morgan: I know we keep harping on the suspense side, but Melanie doesn't let you down on the romance or heat side either.

MorganO: Um, no, I kind of like Cutter's idea of breakfast, myself. He even pulls up a stool to make himself comfortable while he, uh, feasts.

J Morgan: From their first meeting you know Emily and cutter were destined to be together.

MorganO: Destiny or not, their trials could rip even the strongest of couples apart. I sure wouldn't want to be tested the way they are.

J Morgan: Oh hell no, but Melanie uses the struggle to let them know that true love is about more than a physical relationship. By the time the book is over with they both know that whatever they may have together is worth it, because of they both have to fight for it.

MorganO: Nice summation, so let me be the first to say 5 Ales.

J Morgan: I’d give more, but I drank the 6th one reading the book.

MorganO: And 5's the limit anyway, but a bag of chips might be in order.

J Morgan: Let me say this, if you haven't read Melanie Atkins, you haven't read romantic suspense.

MorganO: Be sure to check out the rest of her southern fried romantic suspense books. They each sizzle and satisfy.

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