Friday, September 5, 2008

Interview: Savannah Chase

Today we track the elusive Savannah Chase, author and the downfall of many a good man. In the Morgan Diaries World Tour we go from Colorado to the wilds of Canada for this one. And we mean wild! So where does Savannah Chase while away her time away from writing sizzling romance? Fitting with the heat of her stories, we started hitting the Club Scene. We finally tracked her down to an exclusive all-male review outside of Toronto.

Through a smoke filled haze we saw her sitting center stage feeding dollar bills to a Cowboy named Rex. With Jmo blushing, MorganO, dragged him to the stage, while pulling out a wad of fives. Savannah’s occasional snarl kept the crowds away, but we were able to get close because she was sort of expecting us. Of course, she put her switchblade away after MorganO promised to leave Rex to her.

TMD: Savannah, thanks for agreeing to meet with us. We love your choice of the setting. Well, MorganO does. Jmo just wishes people would stop shoving dollars down his pants and yelling, “Shake it pretty dancer.”

SC: So you tracked me down…Rex told me you’re looking for me, and that he had given me up… His punishment will come later on…*evil grin*

JMo, you must shake it. Come on do it for me *bats eyelashes* Get down with your hot self!

By the way, Rex said he’d teach you a few numbers. He’s even got the perfect outfit for you. He gave me a sneak peek at it…

TMD: The office girl and the construction guy. Hot!!! Could you tell our readers a little about this tale of love up for the highest bidder?

SC: Nico’s history of romantic disasters has taught her when she gambles on men, she’s fated to lose. That doesn’t stop her from secretly lusting after Jeff, the handsome construction worker she sees everyday on her way to work.

When the New York’s Sexiest Bachelor auction begins and Jeff comes up on the block, she’s seriously tempted to place a bid. The wager can’t be taken lightly — it might be for a good cause, but she’s making a bid for love…

TMD: Bid for love is really a tender love story. So how did this wild woman write a story about a sweet girl in NYC?

SC: This wild woman has a sweet side. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. I think every woman deserves her own prince charming.

TMD: The premise of the book revolves around a bachelor auction. Have you ever been to one yourself? And how much did you have to spend to get the bachelor of your dreams?

SC: This is no surprise to most of you, but yeah I have been to one. It was a long time ago. I was in high school, and the hunky bachelor athletes were being auctioned off. The winner would get them as a slave for the week. No, not that kind of slave… Sheesh. This was high school -- LOL My dream hunk wasn’t on the block so I never bid. If he had been, I would have bid for sure.

TMD: When you’re writing, how much of yourself do you put into your heroines? And what traits inspire you to come up with such terrific heroes for them?

SC: When I bring my heroines to life I want them to be real, and someone who every woman can relate to. I make them someone people will love from the start. When it comes to heroes, I make them men who I think are terrific. I give them qualities that I look for, and think make a man sexy and desirable. They are not always perfect, and might have a flaw, but that’s life. Nobody’s perfect.

TMD: Just to be nosy. MorganO not me. The nipple ring, was that from personal experience? We did say you were the wild woman of romance.

SC: I plead the fifth on that…LOL

TMD: Got to say one of the most memorable scenes had to be the speeding date one. Lots of room for misunderstanding. Have you ever taken part in one?

SC: I haven’t had the chance but have heard a lot about them. Friends would also suggest I try them. I have thought about it. Maybe it will be something to try in the future. For now I have Rex to keep me occupied. Believe me, he’s a handful...

TMD: Readers always wonder in the back of their mind how autobiographical a book is. On that note how many personal experiences do you draw from for your books?

SC: Some of my books have experiences that have happened to me or are close to me. I guess it depends on the story.

TMD: We love to pull a rabbit out of our hats in our interviews. No, MorganO, I didn’t say pull his rabbit out of… Never mind. I’m too embarrassed to say where. But time for our question of all questions.

If you attended a Bachelor Auction with Mr. Romance as the grand prize. How high would you go to take him for the night?

SC: MorganO, Rex said he has someone waiting for you backstage who would love to pull out a rabbit. To answer your question, as high as I could. If I had the money I wouldn’t hesitate. Part of the fun is going after what you want.

TMD: Since MorganO is out of cash and my wallet seems to be missing, I guess it’s time to go. Before we do, Savannah, please tell us what you’ve got coming out. Books that is. What books do you have coming out, where, and when?

SC: Ohh, Rex is going to be sad to see you go. You make sure to go visit him backstage to see that outfit. Make sure to come and visit me here again.

Now for books, Bid For Love is now available from Lyrical Press. Later on in the year, I have another release from Red Rose Publishing. The story is called Pleasure After The Pain and it’s all about the pleasure of body art.

TMD: Thanks again for visiting with us today. It’s been a blast. We’d love to keep track of you, so give with all the places we can find you on net.

SC: I’m all over the net, but the places you can always catch me at are:
My official site
My official Yahoo Loop:
My official newsletter:
My official MySpace:

MorganO: What Jmo doesn’t know is, after I emptied his wallet, I sort of sold him as a lap dancer so I could afford that last dancer. So, JMo, get up there and shake that money maker! See ya next time readers.


Piper Denna said...

LOL! These interviews are so funny.

Denise_1982 said...

LOL...Your a hoot and a holla Savannah! Great work!

Savannah Chase said...

Piper, you can say that again.....

Savannah Chase said... I know I try

Kissa Starling said...

Okay, I want the address for the all male review place. Why haven't you taken me there, Savannah?


Savannah Chase said...

Kissa, oh I must take you and introduce you to Rex's friends...You will really like them....This was suppose to be my hideout..I need to get.....urm...inspired...yes inspired....