Thursday, September 4, 2008

Excerpt: Bid for Love by Savannah Chase

Available at Lyrical Press


Jeff walked past the set desks and headed around the corner when he heard what sounded like soft moans coming from the next turn. His immediate reaction made him think someone was in trouble, but as he approached he heard what were surely not moans from someone who needed any assistance.

He proceeded with caution and couldn’t believe what he saw from afar. Curious, he peeked from the corner and thought his sight was deceiving him. There in front of him, against the wall, was Nico.

Her eyes were closed and her white blouse open, exposing the gorgeous curves of her body. The white bra she wore was pulled down, accentuating her voluptuous breasts. One of her hands roamed her body as the other tormented her nipples.

He knew he shouldn’t stand there watching her but he couldn’t help himself. She looked so ravishing. As her hand moved over her breast he noticed something shiny. He did a double take when he realized what it was.

Nico had a nipple ring. He couldn’t believe it. The beauty before his eyes surprised him, not just with her unexpected body jewelry but also by what he observed her do. Silently, he stood watching her hand caress her body. She bit her lower lip and another moan escaped her lips.

The hushed sound was torture to him. Blood rushed straight to his cock that hardened until it strained against his jeans. Clenching his jaw, he stifled a grunt from escaping his mouth. The last thing he wanted was to get caught watching her. He didn’t know how much longer he could stand there. Every part of him wanted to run over to where she was, pin her against the wall and do her in every possible way until both of them were spent. He wanted his lips to replace her fingers on her nipples, his tongue and mouth would do the job and so much more. Jeff didn’t leave as he should, he stayed looking at her, taking in every part she unknowingly revealed to him.

Satisfy Your Desire.......Indulge The Temptation


Denise_1982 said...

I LOVE THIS BOOK...It's totally a great read. I love how Jeff and Nico are shy to each other and then bang it's like their made for each other! I love the ending...great job Savannah!

erotiwriter said...

Hey Savannah! Hot excerpt! I love your heroine! Can't wait to read this book!


Savannah Chase said...

Denise amd Jen thank you so much.....I'm so glad you like it....I have decided to write a few more stories for the rest of the characters