Saturday, October 6, 2007

What We Write and Where to Get It

You know, JMo, we forgot to put in a plug for our books. How the heck did that happen?

So, to rectify that little blot on our record...

Available now for J.Morgan - How Wicked Can She Go? You can get this delish romp at Dark Eden Press right now! A most wicked look into the Southern League of Witches and what it's like to be a modern day, card carrying member. (Feel free to jump in with more details, JMo.)

Available soon, as in October 26, just under two weeks, my debut as Morgan Q. O'Reilly will be on the e-shelves at Dark Eden Press. Halo in Her Pocket is a novella, set under Alaska's Midnight Sun. There's an excerpt over on my website: if you want to go and read it.

There's more under the Coming Soon topic. I'll let JMo list his contracts once he's ready to announce them, but mine, all at Dark Eden Press (hmmm, this is sounding more and more like a plug for the publisher - hope Deb notices!):

January 1, 2008 ~ Frozen.
A full length novel, set on a planet far, far away, five hundred years in the future, this one also has a paranormal twist. A feisty princess who'd rather be anywhere than on the iceball known as Nordia, she's been called back thinking her father is dying. Not on the planet thirty whole minutes, she meets The One she's been promised to in The Profetia. How long can she last before he figures out she's The One he's been searching for these past long ten years?

TBA Spring 2008~ A Rich Investment. Book 1 of the Rich series.
Contemporary Romantic Suspense, this is book one of a very exciting erotic romp up and down the West Coast. So far, there's plenty of fun rolled up into 8 books. I just have to rewrite from Book 2 onward as they're still in rough draft form.

So there you go. I know JMo has more books contracted, so I'm sure he'll jump in here with his own list, but this should get us all started.

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