Monday, October 15, 2007

TMD brings you a 5 day weekend

The Morgan Diaries
is kicking off its Grand opening in style.

Join us starting Wednesday as we bring you interviews, guest blogs,
and our first ever review featuring Jasmine Haynes’ newest novel, The Fortune Hunter.

Here’s a rundown on all the fun:

Wednesday: J. Ellen Smith joins us for our first interview.

Thursday: Lynne Connolly Guest Blogs with a taste of her newest book, Cat’s Eyes

Friday: Valerie Bongards of Love Romances and More brings us our second interview.

Saturday: The Fortune Hunter Reviewed as only Jmo and Morgan O can do it!

Sunday: Jenna Leigh brings her own brand of insanity along with an excerpt from her book The Last Legacy.

That’s too much fun for one Blog but do we care?
We might not respect ourselves come Monday but what the hey!
We all deserve a 5 day weekend every once in awhile!

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