Friday, October 12, 2007

Join the Morgans at Love Romances Cafe tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what two Morgans do when they’re not writing or blogging? Well, truthfully we procrastinate a lot—a whole lot, but tomorrow we made a solemn promise to do something constructive with our time. No, we’re not cleaning the house or doing high maintenance yard work. Who do you think we are the Cleavers?

Tomorrow, you can find us chatting with some of our very good friends at Love Romances Café for the entire day. We’ll be talking about Jmo’s book, How Wicked Can She Go? If you think that’s enough reason to show up, the best is yet to come. We cordially invite you to come. Yes, Morgan O is about to unveil exclusive first look excerpts from Halo in her Pocket, a must read if there ever was one! So join us tomorrow for a lot of fun, some fantastic authors and the craziness you come to expect from Morgan times two.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really intrigued with the Fortune Hunter after reading the exerpt, but even more so after the review. Can't wait to pick it up.