Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Transit Tuesday

In just eight hours, I'll be winging my way across the great united skies. Or rather, traveling up nearly the entire length of the West Coast. A couple thousand miles worth anyway.

Ever get that feeling where you're sad to go, but long to leave? Home is calling. My own bed, my comfortable niche where I write, my own food, my own schedule.

I was fortunate to attend RWA in SF, essentially my old home town. Not quite, but I spent the first 12 years of my life in the East Bay. Came back for College and met the friends of my youth who stuck with me. Three of them live in the Bay Area now and I stayed with one after the conference. Another drove from the far side of the SF peninsula to have dinner with us last night. We're all so different. Had different majors, different outlooks and ambitions. And yet, this small core sticks together. One flew to Alaska for my wedding while the others were having children or getting married themselves. But always, in one way or another, they were there.

And twenty-something years later, we still get excited at seeing one another. How grateful I am for them. And yes, one or two of their mannerisms show up in my books. That's for us to know and you to guess about.

So, what do you do for those long time friends? The ones you talk to one or two times a year but may not see more than once every few years? When was the last time you sent them a short, hey-there-how-are-you, note written on pretty paper? Something not a forwarded joke? A short phone call? Or even better yet, write up a scene with details only they will get and send it to them with a note that it's going in your current book! Yup, I have new material for my books! Including the 5yo that said just this morning, "you knew my dad when he had hair???"

Yup, memories are precious. Hang on to all that you can.


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