Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coming Soon to The Morgan Diaries!

Just like the Terminator, football and the new Fall lineups, we are back and have a fabulous schedule of author weeks coming up!

Starting next week, we get a preview of author Sutton Fox when her trailer for Lion Tamers debuts on Trailer Trash Tuesday. It's roaring hot! I'm not sure if we've talked her into guest blogging on Wednesday, but on Friday we have a brand new, TMD exclusive interview. Then, if Jmo finishes reading Lion Tamers in time, we'll do one of our signature double reviews. And if he doesn't, then I'll do a review because I LOVE this book! Oh, wait... Jmo says he's almost done! So we have that to look forward to on Saturday.

Other bloggers/interviewees we have scheduled include: Piper Denna, Savannah Chase, Michelle Buonfiglio, Alysha Ellis, Melanie Atkins, Jenna Petersen, and Cindy Jacks. We're working on Karen McInerney, Annette Blair and some other fabulous authors. If you have someone you'd like to see given The Morgan Treatment, just send us their email and tell us why! We'll do our best to lasso them just for you and find out all their secrets.

We'll also try to get back to the Weekly Ten Second Reviews, but would love to have some guest bloggers give us their opinions on recently read books. Yes, YOU can be the guest star reviewer and let us know what you like to read.

Get your motors revvin', cuz we're going to have a good time this Fall and you won't want to miss a moment!

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