Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Sunday Poem

The other day I chatted with a friend’s daughter online. Being a teenager the conversation was mostly a lot of rambling, but talking to her inspired a poem. After I finished writing it, I realized two things. It was totally her and it was my daughter as well. Teenage daughters give you a nice perspective on things—like fear and when to hide. Seriously, it’s sometimes strange to realize the little girl you held once upon a time to calm her down after a bad dream has grown up and doesn’t need you anymore. At least that’s what she thinks, so who am I to tell her different. Still, underneath that hard nose exterior I can see my little girl hiding out. This poem is just a way of me saying it in so many words.

I see a goddess in my mirror.

She stares divinity into the hollow eyes I wear.

The world never sees her,

But I feel her within me.

Her soul a bright star

Aching for release.

The threads of hate,

Never touch her.

The slings of lesser beings

Are but whispers of fools

In her ears.

I know when I look away

she will still be there,

still be in me.

when the fallen curses of others

hold me in their sway

she will tell me of the power

no other can wield over me.

Because I am a goddess

and they the fools

who know not

the vengeance

I am capable of.

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