Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Brass Spectacle

Today I blog in the name of shameless promo. Thought I’d get that out of the way up front. Made me feel a little better to be completely honest with y’all. Now on with the blog uh promo.

Yesterday saw the release of a new magazine. The Brass Spectacle is devoted to the publishing industry, both readers and authors. This new publication offers a wide variety of things I think will interest everyone. Articles from the likes of Ciara Gold and Linnea Sinclair on writing science fiction, an article by Rebecca Goings learning how to promo on a budget, reviews, and columns from a range of sources. I recommend the column, Til Death Us Write, by Jenna Leigh and a certain Jmo. See told you the shameless plug was coming.

But I hope everyone checks out the new mag, and not just for my titillating columinating. It’s available in both PDF and print, so welcome to the new age of getting close to the industry we all love.

Check them out at their website

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