Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sexy Summer Solstice Hop Day 4

Getting close to the end here. Have you been through the blog hop? Signed up to win? Commented for extra chances? 

You should be seeing a lot of Cary Grant here. He's the best, in my opinion. Just haven't made anyone like him since. If there was one actor who you think might be capable of filling Cary Grant's shoes, who do you think he is? Of course I'm all about the men. Jmo may have some opinions on female leads. I think Julia Roberts is up there for him.

Hey don't dis my Julia addiction, but this is definitely the Morgan O. block of the countdown, but we agree on a lot of the choices, otherwise they wouldn't be on here. Though, there was some biting and slapping over a couple of the picks on this part of the countdown. That was mainly me getting out of that closet Mo locked me in. By the way, could somebody explain why my mouth tastes like dog butt?

40. The Runaway Bride
39. The Cutting Edge
38. Victor Victoria
37. Sweet Home Alabama
36. Something to Talk About
35. Across the Universe
34. Pillow Talk
33. Bride and Prejudice
32. Operation Petticoat
31. My Fair Lady 

30. Chocolat
29. Fifty First Dates
28. Father Goose
27. Love Actually
26. Kate and Leopold
25. You've Got Mail
24. Witness
23. Jane Eyre
22. An Officer and a Gentleman
21. An Affair to Remember
20. When Harry Met Sally
19. Paint Your Wagon
18. It Happened One Night
17. Sleepless in Seattle
16. Moonstruck
15. Mama Mia
14. Ella Enchanted
13. American President
12. While You Were Sleeping
11. Murphy's Romance

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Tiffany K said...

Is it bad I'm going to ask who Cary Grant it? Because I have absolutely no clue. I do love Julia Roberts though, I don't think there are very few movies with her in them that I don't like.
I love that you have Ella Enchanted on this list, it was on TV earlier today and it really is a good movie for all ages in my opinion.

Tina B said...

Some awesome picks in there!!! I would add Say Anything and Romeo and Juliet! Who knows, maybe they will be in the top 10. ;)
Trb0917 at

J. Morgan said...

Say Anything did come up,as did Better Off Dead. Two great John movies. But,we only had room for 100.

Ella Enchanted is one of my all time movies for the reasons you said, Tiffany. Love that movie.