Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a Whole New Year!

Like this is news that the new year is here, but all the same...Happy New Year to one and all, from us here at the Morgan Diaries. So what have MorganO and Jmo been up to this holiday season? Spending too much, eating too much and sleeping too much, like the rest of you guys. But, all that's over with now. We have a brand new year to make promises that by February we will have completely forgotten about and had no intention of keeping in any case. Like we'd actually go on diets. Yeah, right.

But seriously, first of all, we vow to host more writers on our blog. Starting with a few virtual book tours organized by Goddess Fish. Dates booked so far:

Jan 9 Stories to Remember by Tom Mach

Jan 24 Fallenwood a fantasy novel by Leslie Soule (On Shea’s blog)

Feb 6 Courage to Live by Morgan O’Reilly

Feb 23 The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness by Beth Ann Marsarik

Feb 28 The Rancher and the Rock Star by Lizbeth Selvig, her debut with Avon Impulse

Want to join the fun? Contact us and we’ll find a date to fit you in. Unless you have a specific date that’s critical, Wednesday and Thursday are good days for us to host friends.

In individual news, Jmo has two books coming your way this year from Desert Breeze. The first is the second series of his Vampire books, Bite Marks Book One: Bite the One You're With. It will kick off a few months after Love Bites Book Five. His Vampires and Slayers are in the middle of a war with the Fallen. It's up to Stalking Shadow, son of Waterfall Woman, to protect Savannah's sister, Megan as the Fallen targets the families of the characters from the first series for death. It's going to be a nonstop thrill ride with all the comedy and adventure you've come to expect from these books.

Second up is Immortally Damned, the story of Caern from Immortally Yours. Our resident half-vampire is up to his neck in trouble as his past comes slamming home to draw him back into the world he'd fought to escape.

Lastly for Jmo, he’s started a side blog with some other friends named The Writer Limits. It will be your one stop, well stop, for everything SciFi, Fantasy and the Paranormal. So get ready for a double dose of Jmo in the coming year.

Morgan’s news includes a scheduled release February 6. Book Two of the Open Window Series is Courage to Live. If you read book one, Til Death Undo Us, then you were introduced to AF pilot Cayden Shaughnessy. This is his story and is set in Alaska. Book three of the series, Weathering the Storm is in the final stages of the first draft and is currently scheduled for a September release.

Courage to Live will initially release under Kindle’s Select program. What that means is it will be exclusive to Kindle for 90 days, the first 5 of which it will be FREE. This is fabulous news for those of you who fell in love with Til Death Undo Us. If you don’t own a Kindle, don’t fret! You can download Kindle for PC, or an app for many smartphones, totally for free and read from your computer or phone. Works great! After the first 90 days the book will be available on Nook, Sony and at other fine ebook retailers.

That's it for now, but stay tuned because we plan to rock you 2012 like a Mayan banging on a calendar.

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