Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Having Some Fun!

Okay, maybe it's not so exciting for you, although it should be, what with a free read and all...

If you look to the right, you'll see a new section entitled PAGES. 

Under that deceptively discreet header, you'll see something new! Pages dedicated to organizing our books with handy links that will take you right to them. 

Or, you may do a Google Search and come up with pretty much the same information. 

The lists are not yet complete -- Jmo needs to get a few more links to this most conscientious of webmistresses (She Who Carries the Whip While Fumbling Around the Site) -- but you will find an excerpt and a link to our first co-authored free read, The Morgan Diaries: Volume I. Yeah, there's another link right there in a handy dandy easily accessed location. 

You're welcome.

You'll note it goes back a few *cough* years, but it was something we did for fun, although this author wonders why she was put in charge of keeping it on track. Hmmm.

Someday we plan on doing it again. Another subject, possibly the ravening Viking hoard, or explorers who stumble on the remains of an Atlantean city, or the cabana boys of Puerto Vallarta. Whatever it is, we can only hope Jmo has the energy and focus to be the spearhead of the next project. Come to think of it, that's probably why Volume II is not yet beyond the dreaming stage. He keeps mumbling the word "deadline" at me. 

As always, we welcome comments, questions, or just simple lovin' hugs. Got an opinion on Romance books? State it respectfully and we'll engage in some good conversation. Want to know more about what we read? Why we write what we do? Authors we look up to? Be sure to leave us a note below in the Comments section.

Looking forward to a powerful Year of the Dragon!  

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