Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lovers of the Lost Stake Available Now!

Funny thing happened on my way to February. Lovers of the Lost Stake was released! That's right you can now sink into another thrilling episode of Vampire hilarity and fun. Did I mention the nonstop danger? The Endless Pop Culture References? The smoochy bits? Mustn't forget those. Love Bites Book Four has all that and more funny than you can shake a pointy stick... uh... I mean... sharpened stake at. Not to sound all demanding or anything, but what are you waiting for? Run don't walk. Wait, if you texting--safety first--just sit there and click on the dandy links below to snag your copy of the funniest Vampire adventure you'll read this month. Okay, enough of the sales pitch. Please enjoy a short blurb and excerpt just to whet your appetite for bloody goodness.
Love Bites
Book Four
Lovers of
the Lost Stake


Alejandra Montoya is on the trail of the man who killed her parents. Love never figured into it. Then, she met Eli Ravell, or tried to kill him more precisely. Against her better judgment, she allows him to drag her into an adventure seeped in all the things she has sworn to destroy. Namely, a butt load of Vampires and things that she didn't even know existed.

Now, she finds herself falling from one near death experience to another. Somewhere along the way she's discovered her life might not be the only thing she has to lose. Every minute she spends with Eli brings her one step closer to losing her heart.


"My name is Alejandra Montoya and you killed my father!"

Well, my mother, too, but I felt it only sensible to focus on vengeance for one parent at a time. Once I'd killed him for my father, I'd kill him again for my mother. That way I'd have all my bases covered and could move on with my life.

True, I hadn't found out about the fact they'd been murdered until a few weeks ago. That in no way meant I hadn't agonized over it enough for a life time since finding out. As a Sister of the Sacred Order of St. Joan -- in no way associated with the Sacred Order of St. Vlad -- I'd spent my entire life honing my body into a weapon in the war against Vampires. So it could be said, even before the particulars of my being an orphan came to my attention, I had already been preparing for this moment. Not to be confused with the moment where I missed killing this one's older brother. Luckily, someone else took care of that for me, leaving me free to focus on finding Eli Ravell, the next Ravell on my list of possible murderers. I hoped he was the one. I hated killing indiscriminately.

Three weeks later, I'd tracked him down to a seedy hotel in the heart of Marrakesh. These Vampires certainly got around. Not that it mattered. This one wouldn't be checking Priceline.com for value packages once I got through with him. Of course waiting for him to finally succumb to his daylight slumber and hanging around until the hallway leading his room cleared of people had taxed my patience, but as they say, revenge is a dish best served lukewarm. Unless its gazpacho, I try not to eat anything cold if I can help myself. It upsets my digestion. Ice cream being the only exception to that rule. And Frappuccinos, but they're a given.

Where was I again? Oh yeah, about to stake this sucker.

"Confess, Vampire, and I'll make your death quick!" I lied. Vengeance demanded a long and agonized death, but he didn't need to know that.

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