Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Yes, I can finally say that! For once, a Saturday I got to sleep in. It's been at least three months where everyone in the house got to sleep in and it feels so good! Graduation is over (Isn't he so handsome? Magna Cum Laude) and summer is upon us! I need to get my flowers planted pronto!

Just a quick update on what is happening at TMD.

Jmo and I both had new releases from Lyrical Press on April 6. His (How Wicked-er Can She Go?) is short and funny. No one does comedy quite like Jmo and he always makes me laugh out loud for real. Mine (Cowboys Dream Too) is long and sexy. One reader "yelled" at me because the warning didn't include the instruction to keep toy or SO handy while reading. She loved it, and so did her husband. So reader be warned!
Did you know? Summer Solstice is just over a month away. If you haven't read Halo in Her Pocket, now is the perfect time! It takes place on the solstice in Alaska. A great way to celebrate!

Desert Breeze publishing has also opened. Headed up by the fabulous Gail R. Delaney - keep an eye out for her Phoenix Rebellion series this summer - Jmo has a release with them as well (Love Bites - Book One: Love at First Stake) and so does Helen Ravell, some of my favorite authors from days at Triskelion.

Speaking of Trisk, or rather my one release with them, written under the pen name Shea McMaster, Six Foot Hero, is on the schedule at Lyrical to be re-released this coming August! We're in the middle of working the cover art now so I hope show if off any day now. The book will updated and I've got the chance to fix a few things I wasn't quite happy with in the original. It will be better than ever!

Just remember, every once in a while a girl needs a hero. Nikki will take hers to go...

As usual, we're open for questions! Have a question or comment about Romance burning in your tummy? Ask away! We'll do our best to answer, or research the answer. Questions like, where the heck does Jmo come up with his ideas??? How hot is Morgan that she sets her oven on fire and has to call the fire department? And will she ever stop with the FaceBook quizzes? What's coming next for The Morgans? What are Alaska men really like? Seriously. What do you read in your off time? What's on the TBB or TBR list?

I'm also open to suggestions on what to do with an 18 yo new HS graduate who is heading off to college in 3.5 months.


Maithe said...

Hi Morgan!!

First of all, congratulations to your baby!! OMG, you must be so proud of him!!

Secondly, congratulations to you and JMo on all the new releases!!! I love love all of your stories and I can't say enough good things about them!!! You guys rock!!!

To Gail, I am so glad to see you are back!! All of you!! And yes, Desert Breeze books are looking good! I already checked them out. *G*

I hope I have not forgotten anything...I just wanted to say hello and to congratulate everybody on their wonderful accomplishements!!

Okay Morgan, now go rest for the day! You deserve it! However, only for today! We want more of your stories and you cannot slack off now! *L*


Maithe *who uses way too many exclamations*

Morgan O'Reilly said...

It feels soooo good to chill for a bit. Yesterday I hit my stress max-out for the month.

I thank you for your continued support and friendship! You'll love the new SFH when it comes out. I'm heading into deep editing almost any minute now. Once that happens the world goes away for a few days because I want it to be perfect!

Thanks for popping by!

Maithe said...

((huge hug)) You know I will always be your cheerleader. *G*

YAY! SFH back again!! Yumm yumm. *L*

Good luck with the edits...hope they go smoothly!

BTW...I think you deserve a nice margarita, don't you? *G*



Dawn D said...

Hi Morgan - Congratulations to you & your son on his graduation. While he worked hard to graduate (& did a fabulous job as Magna Cum Laude)you I'm sure worked just as hard to motivate him & keep him on track.

I absolutely loved Cowboys Dream Too & can't wait for the re-release of SFH! Like Maithe I'm sure I've used too many exclamations - but I adore your stories & my hubby thanks you to for the extra "inspiration" they give me - LOL!

debjulienne said...

I'm with Maithe....more writing out of you....crack that whip!

Congrats, baby!