Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nominations and Accolades, Oh My!

It's that time of year when sites start accepting nominations and votes for the best reads of 2008. How much they do to help promote a writer, I'm not sure, but it is most flattering when reviewers and readers make the nominations. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the authors have nominated themselves. It's really hard to tell who has the most readers or the most friends. I suppose in part, these are popularity contests. But in a way they're fun and a refreshing way to get your name out there. And if you win, it's a new entry on your email sig line, right?

So, without further ado, some nominations for The Morgans and a few of our Friends.

Preditors and Editors (Voting is open through Jan 14):

Print/Electronic Romance Novel published in 2008
All Fore Revenge - Piper Denna
Chinook Wine and Sink Her - MorganO
Frozen - MorganO

Print/Electronic Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel published in 2008
Bright Star - Grayson Reyes-Cole
Frozen - MorganO

Print/Electronic Erotica Novel published in 2008
The Merry Widow - Adriana Kraft
Bid for Love - Savannah Chase
The Arrangement - Cat Grant
Giving Thanks - Maura Anderson
The Werewolf Whisperer - Ericka Scott

Romance Short Story published in 2008
Elfing Around - J. Morgan (Jmo to y'all)
Mayan Secrets - Ciar Cullen

Book/e-book Cover Artwork published in 2008
All Fore Revenge - Renee Rocco/Piper Denna
Frozen - Renee Rocco/MorganO
Halo In Her Pocket - Tuesday Dube/MorganO
Taming the Beast - Renee Rocco

Authors Page
A bazillion names here, including mine. Good luck chosing!

There are several other sections to vote, including editor (we like Emma Wayne Porter of Lyrical), Publisher (Hmm, Lyrical looks good), and Bookstore (Once Upon a Bookstore - Lyrical again). Have fun perusing the lists and making your choices!

Love Romances Cafe and More

If you're a member of their Yahoo Group, you can vote. Chinook Wine and Sink Her is up for best contemporary of 2008. Voting starts at Noon on January 5.

So many many wonderful authors/books to vote for. We hope you take a look and make your mark for your favorites. And if your favorites happen to be us, well then, we'll be pleased as punch, tickled pink, drooling with joy... I think you get the idea. The point being, it's time to excercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard. Support your favorite authors!!

And if you belong to GoodReads, be sure to Friend Me! Just look for Frozen or Chinook and you'll be able to connect.

Morgan O'Reilly


Grayson Reyes-Cole said...

You gots my vote, sweetums

Piper Denna said...

Oh wow,I didn't even know I was up, LOL. I voted for YOU!

Adriana said...

Thanks for putting The Merry Widow on your list - I'm thrilled she's nominated!!!

Huge congrats to you on the LRC nomination!