Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Guest Blogger Adriana Kraft

Adriana Kraft is our guest blogger today and they've given us a great excerpt to celebrate the New Year. As for Jmo and myself, we wish you Peace, Love, Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in the coming months. Sort of like a warm blanket and a hot body beside you (or on top of you) on a cold winter night.

2009 01 01 The Morgan Diaries Blog

It’s a quiet and mellow New Year’s Eve at our house this year ~ a little time off from the day job, some wine and cheese and crackers, a fire in the fireplace and a split of champagne awaiting the moment the new Waterford Crystal Ball drops at Times Square. Just the two of us. Our son, on the other hand, lives in New York and will be among the revelers in the square to see it drop ~ hope he keeps warm!

How do you like to spend New Year’s Eve ~ out partying madly with a huge crowd? Home by yourself reading a hot book (we hope it’s ours!)? Cuddled up with your honey reminiscing? Cuddled up with your honey on the dance floor at a party? That’s the New Year’s Eve we gave our latest heroine, Evie Strand, in A Gift for Adam. Here’s a peek at her ~ enjoy!


What happens when the wrong Christmas present gets into the hands of the office rake? Adam Grant is holding high the suggestive thongs Evie Strand meant for her best friend. Aware that Evie’s deeply embarrassed, Adam resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?


Nestling against Adam’s broad chest, Evie swayed to the slow beat of the music. Midnight approached. The ballroom floor was crowded with couples getting ready to welcome in the New Year. She hugged Adam tighter. It had been a splendid evening and she knew it was only going to get better.

His knee grazed her thighs and his hands on her butt pulled her closer until she could feel his full hardness. “Have I told you what a beautiful ass you have?” he whispered into her ear.

Evie chuckled softly. “I believe you’ve mentioned that several times tonight. You do have wonderful hands. I must’ve selected the proper dress.”

“Your ass,” he said, squeezing it lightly, “is stunning whether you’re in this sexy black dress or in a pair of jeans. There’s no way you could hide that rear bumper.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she murmured against his throat.

“I’m planning on getting to know it much better very soon.”

Evie grinned, not missing a beat. “I hope so. I’m looking forward to making a proper introduction.”

Adam pivoted to miss an older couple who seemed intent on crossing the dance floor as they waltzed. Evie huddled closer to Adam. Content to hold each other in anticipation, neither one of them moved much at all.

Inhaling his scent, Evie doubted she could remember all the sexual innuendo she’d heard exchanged among the classic car club members. Everything from blowing pipes, to tune-ups, to cherry pickers, to checking her timing, to polishing knobs, to stylish rear bumpers, to jacking her up, to revving her up, to waxing her ass, to grinding drive shafts, to reaming valves, to stripping layers and of course relying on a good pair of nipple pliers. They’d laughed so hard tears had come to her eyes.

She snickered. The older couples were at least as ribald as the younger ones. The entire group seemed intent on enjoying themselves. Many had known each other for decades. And most, while they competed with each other at shows, seemed quite willing to help each other and share experiences.

Apparently Adam was no different. Carolyn Bailey, probably in her sixties, who had sat next to her during dinner, claimed she’d known Adam since he was in his teens working on junk cars trying to make them run. Her husband had taken a liking to him, helped turn his passion for cars into a long term investment, and recommended him for the job at Grafton’s.

Carolyn’s voice turned to pride when she’d explained how Adam had helped them when her husband had broken both legs in an accident. Adam had been by their side providing back up transportation for their kids and attending their games and working in their garage to get an old model T in shape for a spring show.

Carolyn’s strangest observation was more personal. Evie had the woman’s words memorized. They thrilled and chilled. “You must be real special,” Carolyn said. Evie had remained silent, not sure she wanted to hear more. “I’ve never seen him look with such pride at a woman as he looks at you.”

- - - -

Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

Well, the champagne has been drunk, the fireworks have all gone bang, the glasses have been washed, the confetti vaccumed up and I'm sitting here at 1.30pm after having had a large cup of coffee!!! The New Year is here!!!!

And thanks for a wonderful excerpt to start the New Year right!!



Adriana said...

Thanks, Valerie - Happy New Year to you, too! We went to bed right after midnight but I'm up with a strong cup of locally roasted gourmet coffee - today's the day the two of us review our writing year and set goals for 2009. Lots of excitement coming up!


Daun Ann said...

Happy New Year!!! Oooh, you're mean, another excerpt of A Gift for Adam.

Daun Ann

Morgan2x said...

It's almost noon where I am and we're just starting to drag ourselves out of bed. Or rather I am, the husband and child are still asleep lol.

Haven't heard from Jmo yet, but I should hope he'd be up by now as he's 3 hours ahead of me.

I read A Gift for Adam the other night and loved it. Very cute and fun and perfect for this time of year.

Thanks for being with us this week, Adriana! The interview is going to be fun tomorrow...


Kytaira said...

Great Excert!

We prefer to spend New Years at home. DH usually has to work so last night he got home just in time for us to set off the fireworks.

Adriana said...

Thanks, Daun Ann - the better to tempt you with! And Happy New Year, of course!

Thanks, Morgan - glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun with it. Can't wait for the interview to go up tomorrow.

Hi Kytaira, wow, your very own fireworks! Guess we heard some around town just after midnight but I think we're not really supposed to have them here. Glad the DH was home in time!


J. Morgan said...

Would you believe I've spent the whole day napping? Something about a new year has sent me into a coma. Does that mean I get to sleep through 09?

No? Well poo.

At least we get to spend it with great company on the Blog today. A Special Thanks to Adriana for spending her New Year Day with us.

Now share with the cheese and wine.


Adriana said...

Hi there J. Morgan, thanks for having me, and Happy New Year! Can't share any wine and cheese, it's all gone - watching the rose bowl game now, will have some shrimp scampi (healty recipe lol) at half-time, wanna have me send you some over the cyber waves??


J. Morgan said...

Send 'em on and enough for Morgan O too. Yum.


Adriana said...

Will do - just in case they don't arrive, here's the basics of the recipe - chicken broth instead of butter; heat the broth and simmer some green onions and garlic till just tender, put in the shrimp until heated through, add red pepper flakes, cilantro, fresh basil and a little lemon juice (all of the above to taste). Serve over linguini or angel hair pasta - whole grain, to be really healthy.
Yummy and quick!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the interview tomorrow.


Adriana said...

Thanks, Valerie - they asked us some fun questions! I'll be at work during the day tomorrow (Central time U.S.) but I'll stop in to blog some more when I get home!


Morgan O'Reilly said...

Well, you know us, we ask hard questions, the deep questions, we dig for the secrets no one else dares to seek.

Hey, we're fearless! Stay tuned for the real inside story to Adri and Ana Kraft, those crafty little devils.

Going back to my book now...

Adriana said...

Tee Hee, thanks, Morgan - tomorrow should be fun!