Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Winners!

The Memoirs of Jean Baptiste Morgane has come to a close and thanks to you, our fans, our first interactive romance was a rousing success. From the outpouring of response to the story you can bet on a repeat sometime next year, but first we need to announce our Winners!

That’s right for picking love over death these great readers have earned FREE STUFF!

Maithe, you’ve got a Mis-Staked Calendar and Car Window Decal heading your way.

Grayson, even though you were the one opposing vote, you’ve got Morgan O’s goodie bag coming to you. Be sure to send her your snail mail addy.

Maithe, we already know where you live!

We’d like to thank everyone for joining us for this fantastic adventure. Not to leave anyone out, we have a freebie for all those who entered and the rest of you who read along but got tongue tied about which way to go.

We’ve collected The Morgan Diaries, Vol. 1, into a handy book format with all sorts of extras. What extras you’re asking yourself? Well, how about a new opening chapter along with the deleted ending that most of you voted against? You get all those goodies and a directory of JMo’s and Morgan O’s books with author bios. This is better than a DVD. Although we’re pushing for this to be made into a movie, Lucas won’t return our calls. Won’t he be sorry to miss out!

So check the Files section of our Yahoo! Group:


Email either Jmo or MorganO and request your PDF copy of The Morgan Diaries, Vol. 1. What could be simpler?


Maithe said...

Thank you so much!! *doing happy dance*

I had a blast following Jean Baptist and Morgan these past few weeks. I am now looking forward to your next creation. *hint hint*

Once again, thank you for sharing this great story with all of us!

Warm hugs,


J. Morgan said...

No thank you.

We wouldn't be here if not for you. This story was for all our readers to show how much we appreciate you and knowing how much you've enjoyed the story makes everything worthwhile. We'll have to see what we can come up with to keep you happy next year.

Better yet, give us a shout out and tell us what you'd like to see the Morgans tackle next. Not guaranteeing it'll happen, but we aim to please.


Anonymous said...

for the rest of us

what addy is atached to those letters

Email either Jmo or MorganO