Sunday, November 30, 2008

Elfing Eve is upon us!

This is it! That most joyous night of the year is upon us. No, not Christmas Eve, but you’re getting close. Tonight is the one night a year all of Santa’s little helpers wait with bated breath, knowing come morning all their dreams will come true. Yes, it’s….

Elfing Eve!

In less than 24 hours you the reading public will be allowed to enjoy a holiday usually reserved only for the Kringle staff. But how will I know the proper way to celebrate this new holiday? You may be asking yourself. Really, it’s quite simple. Thanks to Lyrical Press and J. Morgan you will be able to buy the one book that explains all about Elfing. Though Jmo and Lyrical Press in no way back up this statement. But, we do promise that your holidays won’t be complete without this book. Your Christmas spirit will be all icky if you don’t and your placement on the Nice List may be in jeopardy. You can ignore these warnings at your own risk or pick up your copy of Elfing Around as soon as it hits the shelves.

I know what I’d do if I were you, but then again I am the author.

J. Morgan


Lyrical Press


Elfing Around

Taste The Tinsel Tomorrow

December 1st

Oh, Merciful Snowballs! I was going to jail. Sure, back in the car I knew where the cop was taking me, but faced with the iron bars and cinder block walls, it came crashing home. I was going to be the first elf in generations to have a criminal record. The last had been the first Kringle and he was a hero for going. Prostitution on the other hand was not the same as going thing as going to jail for giving away toys.

“Hey, Dalton ! I got a live one.” ol’ Barney yelled, as he grabbed a set of ancient keys from the wall.

“It better not be another late night jaywalker.” A deep voice warned from down the hallway.

“Not this time.” He yelled back. “This time I got me an honest to goodness big city hoor.”

The sound of a chair being slid back echoed down the hall. It was followed by the heavy clump of footsteps. I looked up from my shame to see a mountain of a man bearing down on us. I gulped, at the sight of him.

When I say man, I mean M-A-N. I might be an elf, but I know a man when I see one. This one was definitely every inch of that. He looked to be six foot four inches, a giant compared to me. His tan shirt strained against his chest. I could see the well defined muscles underneath the shirt had molded themselves into the coarse fabric. I dipped my face to check out the rest of the package. Well, well, the muscles weren’t the only thing that strained against the fabric.

I had to bring my attention somewhere else or I was going to sweat myself to death. His face seemed like a safe place to start. Was I ever wrong? He had the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. Blue wasn’t right either. They were closer to violet from the way the fluorescent lights hit them. Whatever the case, they hypnotized me.

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Maithe said...

Ooh, this sounds so good! I can tell that reading this book is going to be a really good time. *G* Congratulations on the new release!!!!!

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