Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guest Blogger Debbie Wiley

Why Fantasy Baseball is Better Than Real Baseball…
Or How to Get the Most Reading Time Out of the Baseball Season!

Reading time is important, perhaps more important than anything except… sports! Ha! You thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? *wink* Baseball season has arrived but there’s no sense in losing valuable reading time.

Some people are under the misguided perception that you have to actually WATCH baseball to enjoy baseball season. And let’s face it folks, baseball season lasts a LONG time and takes up many, many pages in the sports section of the newspaper. Horrors! Fantasy baseball is the only way to enjoy baseball season without losing out on your reading time.

Still not believing me? Well here are a few guaranteed reasons for why fantasy baseball is better than real baseball:

1. In real baseball, it matters if some guy is using steroids. Why? Because that’s cheating! But in fantasy baseball, hey, it’s only statistics and statistics win every time!

2. A real baseball game can last hours. Hours! Do you really want to be busy for that long when you could be reading the latest book by J Morgan and/or MorganO (shameless plug!) instead? In fantasy baseball, it only matters when your fantasy players are busy so that leaves PLENTY of reading time for enjoying the latest from J. Morgan (another shameless plug).

3. How many times in your life will you get the opportunity to sit men making millions of dollars on the bench for not performing?? Only in fantasy baseball… or perhaps in a Morgan O’Reilly book (will the shameless plugs ever stop? Um… no!).

4. Where else can someone strike out 138 times and still have a multimillion dollar career? You think if Nora Roberts struck out on 138 of her books that the NY Times Bestseller List would care about her books? Nooooooo… she’d be traded to the Spartanburg Phillies for two authors to be named later!

What if romance authors had to fit into a baseball line up? Who would be the lead off hitter, pitch, or even catch? Here’s my fantasy romance author team lineup:

Outfielder/Lead off hitter: Christine Feehan

Outfielder: Sherrilyn Kenyon

3rd Base: CJ England

1st Base/Clean Up Hitter: J.R. Ward

2nd Base: Laurell K. Hamilton

Short Stop: Nora Roberts

Outfielder: P.C. Cast

Catcher: Shiloh Walker

Pitcher: MaryJanice Davidson

So now that we’ve talked about fantasy baseball, who would be your starting line up of romance authors for your team? And who would be your Rookie Author of the Year?

Debbie Wiley


Anonymous said...

Heh, me on a fantasy team. How cool.

Just don't expect me to catch anything.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

A great list, Debbie! And Shilo, so good to see you here. Need to talk with you about your trip to Alaska this summer... Lots going on up here!

As for Rookie of the Year, I have to vote for Karen MacInerney. I'm dying for her second book to come out.

Also, an apology to our blog readers. I haven't done Ten Second Reviews in a few weeks. I've been writing madly trying to finish a book by the 15th, so please, bear with me and if someone wants to Guest Blog a few Ten Second Reviews, please let us know!!


CJ England said...

Thanks so much for making me #3 on your team!!! I'm in wonderful company! LOL

It's funny. I used to play third base. How about that for a coincedince? LOL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Shiloh, Morgan, and CJ! It was tough choosing who would be on my fantasy author team as I had to leave off some great authors in the process.