Monday, February 25, 2008

We Read What We Write: Ten Second Reviews

I'm sure the big question bugging y'all is what the heck do we read when we aren't writing and chatting and generally living life.

Okay, so you may be too busy to comtemplate such burning questions, however, we're going to tell you anyway. And maybe, just maybe, I can slow down this obsession of mine just a little. If my husband ever finds out how much I read he may disown me. My brand new bookcases are already groaning with books from my past and the many new additions I've made to the collection in the last year or so.

So here goes. Sitting in the just read pile beside MorganO's chair you will find:

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn. My first JQ book and I loved it. A fun read. I believe in fun, so this is a very high compliment from me.

First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I adore SEP and this book was no exception. I stayed up all night to finish it.

Just Imagine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. A fabulous look at the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Have I mentioned I love SEP? I'm saving the football books for next August to read again.

The Other Woman by Brenda Novak. Book #7 of her Dundee Idaho series, I liked it as much as the first one I read (A Husband of Her Own). Interestingly enough, the only book I haven't read in the series was the first one (A Baby of Her Own). I still need to find it. Good thing we have a used book store with an extensive HQ section. I just discovered there's a book #8. Oh honeyyyy...

Unexpected by Lori Foster. Another author I personally just discovered. I'm hooked on Lori Foster and enjoyed this little break from her SBC series and the Wild/Winston Brothers. All good choices.

Lip Service by Lori Foster and Julie Elizabeth Leto. A nice collaberation but not Lori's finest work. Still, both stories were enjoyable.

That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer. In this past year I've rediscovered LaVryle. She's one of those authors you just have to read. Very detailed with her historical facts, I prefer her historicals to her contemporaries, but that doesn't mean her contemps are bad.

You've Got Male by Elizabeth Bevarly. I MUST get more of her books. Loved it. Computer geeks and ubersecret spies, what's not to love? I can truly identify with a woman who works in her jammies.

And last but not least, in my hands as I edit and type, Got Your Number by Stephanie Bond. I picked this one up based on how much I loved her book Whole Lotta Trouble. I'm not that far into it, but already I can tell it will be just as good.

Now that's a whole lotta books in the past week or so. Why? Well, when I can't sleep because my cold keeps me from breathing, the books take me away and I forget all about feeling crummy. Not even movies will take me away like just settling down to read. Later, when the cold is gone, I won't read so much, but for now the books work better than Dayquil for keeping me going. That and my box of Puffs.

So what has Jmo been reading?
Well you know me. I’ve been neck deep in comedies. Strangely enough all of them are vampires.

First up:

The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands:

This is the one series I can’t wait to read with each new book. Sands take on vamps is original and her comedic timing is spot on.

Evi Black isn’t a vampire by choice. She doesn’t even know how she became one. She just knows her trip to Mexico got her more than Montezuma’s Revenge to show for her troubles. When her best friend puts an ad in the personals looking for her a mate, the trouble really starts. Victor Argeneau shows up along with other vamps willing to take a chance on finding true love. Now Victor has to somehow discover the secret of Evi’s transformation and win her heart before someone kills her.

By the end of the book I couldn’t wait for the next. This series has been fantastic since book 1 and this installment was no exception.

And lucky I only had to wait a couple weeks for

Vampires are Forever, Book 8.

I must say this one I’ve been waiting for. Thomas Argeneau is the perfect example of what a vampire shouldn’t be. He isn’t dark and brooding. If anything, he’s the life of the party. When his cousins entrust finding their wayward mother to him, no one is more surprised than him. Inez Urso works for the Argeneau family and isn’t happy when her boss calls and tells her, she has to baby-sit Thomas while he searches for their mother. The surprises keep coming when Thomas discovers Inez is the lifemate he’s been looking for. Now, he must try to keep her alive as the man responsible for his aunt’s disappearance decides Inez is too close to finding the missing Marguerite Argeneau.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. the only problem I had with it was the last page left me hanging and drooling for the next book. Marguerite’s story!

And the last on my just read list

The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

I fell in love with the first book in this series, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire. This series just keeps getting better.

In this volume we finally get the story of Jean-Luc Escharpe, vampire, swordsman, coven leader, fashion designer. Heather Westfield has always wanted to become a fashion designer but a bad marriage kept her dreams just that dreams. Meeting Jean Luc gave her a chance at making them come true until a killer from Jean’s past comes back with murder on his mind, hers. Now, Jean must battle his mortal enemy and his own heart, as falling in love is the last thing he wants and the very thing he needs.

This book was fast paced and drew me in from the get-go. Sparks brings her characters to live with such vibrancy you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Well those are my books for this week. I hope you all take the time to check them out. If not I’m coming to your house and sucking your blood. Blah! Blah!

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I have the Undead Next Door in my TBR, thanks for the review, I need to move it up now.

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