Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day Thought

Today marks the 10th Valentine’s Day I’ve spent with my loving wife Jenn. A milestone because she hasn’t killed me yet. I couldn’t let this day go by without telling her how much she’s meant to me. I know I don’t always remember the little things, but hope I’ve been there when she’s really needed me. Our life has seen both its fair share of joy and sadness. Through it all we’ve faced life’s little speed bumps together.

In fact this blog exists indirectly because of her. I don’t think I would have become a writer if not for her teaching me that happily ever after is more than an ending, it’s the start of a life—mainly our life together. So, before I get all weepy, I’d like to share a poem with you.

Jenn this is for you.

The shadow of yesterday’s heart

haunts me still

with the memories

of the wasted days

before she held my heart

in the passion of her mocha eyes.

Of when I knew

of mysteries born in lust,

yet never conceived

I could experience

the miracle of love,

until she touched

the soul born dead,

withering without her.

Could that I forsake the solitude

of those shallow days.

Yet then, I would belittle the joy

It took a lifetime to embrace

and promises forever

within the taste of her kiss.


Morgan O'Reilly said...


Now that's a poem. Hope she squeezed the stuffin's outta ya for that one!

Maybe that's why Jmo has been so quiet lately. Maybe he's looking for his stuffin's...

*lifts a toast of sparkly wine to the lovers*

May true love reign forever.

And long live Anne McCaffrey.


Jenna Leigh said...

He is sweet, and I did squeeze him and he survived. My internet, however, didn't, because this is the first time I've been able to get on here to comment. *grrr*