Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cupid's Choice... Who Won?

Big, big drawing today. Many awesome books given away. So sorry you all couldn't make the chat, but never fear, you still get to win.

Our first winner, announced at the chat is Shadow! She won a copy of Til Death Undo Us, by yours truly, Morgan Q. O'Reilly.

Winner of Jmo's book, Were the Moon Don't Shine, is Ilona!

Both winners have been emailed, so let us know if you don't get them.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a message!! We hope you had as much fun as we did.

The Morgans

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Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting segue from wedding plans to a dark paronormal. But, the truth is marrage is like that. Two seperate people accept the magic of love ever after and then spend the rest of their lives working on the dark paramormal of making it work. Congratulations-emjoy the adventure and remember. always remember the love is the magic.