Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getcha Some Mis-Staked!

The time has come! Shove that copy of Dracula in the sock drawer where it belongs. Toss out those Buffy DVDs. That’s right Mis-Staked, the only guide to vampire slaying for virgins and the nerdishly impaired has hit the internet bookshelves. Don’t accept cheap substitutes. When there’s fangs smacking on your neck, you’ll be sorry. This in no way promises that Mis-Staked will save you from neck smacking, but why take the chance. Run out and get your copy today.

Disclaimer: Purchase of Mis-Staked does not include: actual stakes, garlic or holy water. Reader must provide own vampires to enjoy full affect of the book. Neither J. Morgan or Champagne Books can be held responsible for spontaneous monitor spewing. In other words don’t drink and read or you’re gonna get a ticket.


A Comedy of Vampiric Proportions

Available Now!


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