Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Morgans are In the House

In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones…

Please allow me to introduce myself. Hope you guess my name.

Seriously, I am the J. Morgan in this M&M smorgasbord of insanity. In addition to being a Morgan, I also ply my trade as an author quite liberally whenever the real world gives me time to do so. Why romance you may be asking yourself? Being from the Deep South, I felt it incumbent to represent all the repressed males hanging around by becoming a romance novelist. If I didn’t, who would? So, Bubbas of the world unite. The Redneck Romance Novelist is alive and well in Louisiana.

And forty years ago today, Sgt Pepper taught the band to play... That would make me the Morgan Q. O'Reilly half of this panel.

I'm the frozen one, or soon will be as winter creeps down the mountains in Alaska. So we have you covered with sultry southern nights and cozy fires backlit by the Northern Lights. I write Romance with a strong Erotic edge. I write contemporary as well as futuristic sci-fi, sometimes with a paranoral edge, as well as romantic suspense. In other words, whatever strike my fancy or tickles my muse.

Not only are we romance novelists, but we will always be readers first and foremost. That being the case, we have our own unique views on authors, genres and what direction romance is taking. What we hope to do is share our views with all of you. Whether you agree with them or not we want to hear from you who take the time to read this blog. Let us know what you’re reading, writing, or anything you feel passionately about that we’re discussing.

There's just one rule to posting - NO SNARKS.

Future topic we want to get into include, but are not limited to:


  • Series - are they killing the HEA?
  • What makes Romance?
  • What crosses your line?
  • Authors who inspire(d) us
  • Other media which parallels the Romance Movement
Book Reviews - What's hot and what flopped.
Author spotlights
Guest Bloggers - Authors making a difference and Newbies we think you should watch out for.

That list is just to get us started. We'll think of more as we go along.

Feel free to pass on ideas of topics you'd like to see addressed or the name of an author you think deserves some positive time under the limelight. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

Morgan2x, or M&M


Jenna Leigh said...

Bubbas of the world unite? LOL!! Seriously.. OMG!
Okay. Morgan, it's up to you to make sure this blog doesn't degenerate into a freakfest of epic proportions, you know that right? Jeezus please us.

Bubbas of the World Unite.. Jenns of the South run away.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

I'll do my best, Jenna! We aim to be classy here. Aiming is a good thing, right? That means we stand a chance of hitting our goal at least sometimes!