Saturday, September 20, 2008

Review: The Devil Made Me Do It by Alysha Ellis

From Total-e-Bound
Erotic Rating: Total-e-burning
Genre: Contemporary
Book Length: Short Story
ISBN# 978-1-906811-09-9

Release Date: Sept 29

MorganO: Since Jmo doesn't do erotica, shy boy that he is, I called in Carlee again, since she'll read anything or almost anything. I do recall her throwing the Wheel of Time series back at me with a big old YUCK.

Carlee: I think I've thrown a few such types back at you over the years, but yeah, I'll give just about anything the good ole' college try.

MorganO: Fair enough, I can live with that, but the point being, Carlee likes her books sizzling hot, wet, and sexy, so I have to ask, does TDMMDI fit in that picture?

Carlee: Those are good adjectives. I think adding delicious, salivacious (okay, I know that's not a word, but…) and luscious to the list would be a good idea.

You know, I do love erotica, but to be truthful I haven't read one in a long time that brought the reader up to speed so quickly and kept them on edge for so long. So yes, I guess you could say I liked TDMMDI!! I really have no idea where she could have taken the story but I was disappointed to see it end.

MorganO: Yeah, short always bums me out. If it's good I want more, more, more. Then again, if the story isn't so good, I feel as if the words there were a waste of time.

Carlee: The story was light, airy and humorous. Alysha took an old theme and gave it a great new twist. Had me laughing and smiling when I wasn't panting!

MorganO: Whew! High praise indeed! And I have to agree, it was fun to see an entirely new slant on the Devil on his home turf. And since I’m sure my friends will save me a seat down there, I really like Alysha's view on the dimension. Or will I be saving seats for my friends?? Have to think about that one.

Carlee: Must be the romance writer in you.

MorganO: Imagine that!

Carlee: Not to give anything away, but the one part I'll take away with absolute mirth was the bit of calling out another man's name right at that moment of pure ecstasy! I mean really, what is the one thing any participant dreads more but calling out another partner’s name?

MorganO: Oh, yes! Very clever, only a properly twisted mind could pull that one out

Carlee: And hers is VERY properly twisted! Has she written anything else? I’ve gotta get my hands, um, libido, on something else of hers!

MorganO: Oh yes, she's written other books. Has another one coming out soon, I'm sure we can hook you up.

Carlee: Now that would be a pleasure ALL mine.

MorganO: Hear that Alysha?????

Carlee: I guess we should cover some of the other aspects of Alysha's writing... structure is good and keeps flowing. The scenes don't overtake one another at all. She has the mechanics down very well.

MorganO: Agreed. She writes nice and clean and keeps the tone fun and playful. So, down to the nitty gritty. As a policy of mine, novellas never get a 5, because, as you stated before, I always want more

Carlee: And you know, I just can't do ale on erotica (sorry Jmo) so, what do you say to a nice cosmopolitan?

MorganO: Never had one.

Carlee: Well neither have, I but they're frilly and girly and…

MorganO: I can dig up some champy. Had a lovely one for dinner Monday night but didn't get the name of it.

Carlee: Champagne is good if it’s filled with fresh cut strawberries or mandarin oranges...

MorganO: Oy, now we're critiquing alcohol LOL

Carlee: Sorry, there's so little to say about this story because it’s so awesome! Gotta give the reader something to feast on...

MorganO: So, I’m saying a 4, good and solid.

Carlee: Seriously, if we have to be, yes a solid 4 of whatever drinks you choose. I wouldn't mind a shot of Chambord to go with champagne…

MorganO: Champagne and Chambord. I can deal with that.

Carlee: And if we were rating novella's in a category all their own, I think this would be a 5 there.

MorganO: Yes, yes, but you can’t go changing our entire scoring scale. I’ll let you get away with the tequila, and the champagne with Chambord, but we’re not changing the actual rating. So 4 glasses of Champy and a shot of Chambord.

Thanks for pinch hitting again, Carlee. We can let Jmo fan away his scorching blush this week and next week he’s on to do the review for Melanie Atkins’ book, Emily’s Nightmare. I’ll still get him to blush over that one, but since he can focus on the suspense part of the story, it won’t last too long.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carlee. Such a pleasing review. I'm glad you found The Devil Made Me Do It sizzling and luscious but the thing that pleased me most was that it made you laugh.