Friday, May 17, 2013

Guest Blogger: Candy Wall

As if the question ‘Wanna pitch to an agent or editor’ isn’t enough.

Hello! A huge thanks to all my wonderful hosts as I run all over cyberspace talking about Agent/Editor Shop at the Musetracks blog.

In this crazy world of easy access to information, it’s also easy to miss huge opportunities, or forget! Because I get so many comments that writers either forgot, or didn’t know Musetracks did pitch sessions, I asked a bunch of fellow writers, bloggers and readers to help me spread the word.

For those of you who don’t me, I’m Candi Wall, one of the authors who co-contribute to the Musetracks blog. Jennifer Bray-Weber, Marie-Claude Bourque, and Stacey Purcell are my super smart co-contributors and goodness knows where I’d be without them!

I’ve been hosting acquiring Agents at Musetracks for almost two years, and only recently, we decided to add editors as our guest. We’ve been lucky to have agents like Melissa Jeglinski, Jessica Alvarez, Mollie Glick, Becky Vinter, Kevan Lyon, Scott Eagan, Lois Winston, Jill Marsal, Michelle Grajkowski, Kimberley Cameron, Emmanuella Alspaugh (now Morgan), Laura Bradford, Jenny Bent, Sara Crowe, Weronika Janczuk and Stan Soper.
Our guest editors thus far have been Rhonda Penders w/ The Wild Rose Press, Jennifer Miller w/ Samhain Publishing, Debby Gilbert w/ Soul Mate Publishing, Beth Walker w/ Secret Cravings Publishing, and the editors at Books To Go Now have booked three dates in the future!

What we offer is a ‘Pitch Day’. I only take 30 pitches, and only the first thirty VIABLE pitches that come in on pitch day will be seen by the agent or editor. And I will warn you, I’m a stickler for following guidelines. If you don’t include exactly what is in the rules… I delete without prejudice. And I delete quite a few. (And yes, I receive plenty of hate mail.)

You can find us here:
Musetracks and there is a sidebar with Agent/Editor Shop dates and attending professionals.

You can find the rules for pitching here:
Musetracks Agent/Editor Shop rules Please read them carefully!

I’ve also created a Yahoo group so writers can sign up to receive Agent/Editor Shop updates. I only send messages with agent/editor attendance updates, reminders of pitch dates, and any information about the contests we run on pitch day. Usually a giveaway or a chance to comment for the Top Pitch Slot. You can request to join here:

Easy as pie! We welcome every stage of writer and at Musetracks, we strive to help other writers, the way we were all helped when we first started out, and the way we are supported today.

Hope to see you all at a pitch day, and if not, feel free to pass the word along to others.

Happy reading and writing!


A little about Candi:

Candi Wall is an author of contemporary romance, and YA.

Her d├ębut novel PRIMITIVE NIGHTS released from Samhain in Jan 2013, and STAY, the first in the Changing Tides series releases from Samhain on Aug 6th 2013.

She’s a mother of four (21,17,12,9), a rescuer of six (4 dogs & 2 cats), proud auntie of too many to count, a soon-to-be grandmother and great-auntie, a retired Cub Scout leader of 16 years, an avid animal lover/protector and ex-animal control officer. Oh yeah, and wife. 

You can find her here:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cool Stuff Give Away!

I've got STUFF! Really fun, cool, Morgan Stuff!

I got an itch this spring and started ordering swag like crazy. Well, crazy within reason. I have a large variety, but the quantities available are small. In the picture above we have:
  • Tote bag
  • Mug
  • Mouse Pad
  • Note Pad
  • Sticky Note Pad
  • Pen
  • Bookmarks
  • An autographed copy of Cowboys Dream Too!
Not pictured is a "Get Some Tonight" temporary tattoo, but you can bet there'll be one or two tossed in the box!

Anyhow, before my husband sees the American Express statement, I need to give some of this STUFF away!

So here's the plan. One week. Ending Monday, April 7 at midnight (Central time), if your comment with email addy is posted in the comments below, your name will go in the hat. Write an excellent post (ie suck-up) and I'll add your name twice. Hubs will be out of town and I'll need something to make me smile, so the funnier the better.

If we get 200 comments, I'll give away ANOTHER complete swag pack. Yes, for 200 unique individual entries, I'll pick a second Ultimate Swag winner.

And if the comments are really good, I'll give away up to three more books with assorted goodies. Smaller swag packs, but hey, if you missed out on the free books in the Goodreads give away in March, here's another chance to score!

One more thing... If you'd like to read the first chapter just look to the right, near the top, and there's a page for Featured Excerpts. Or, you can click here to get there.

Everything sound good? Then let me hear it!

Morgan Q. O'Reilly

PS: I solemnly swear your email will not be used for evil. No random spam, no unannounced newsletters, no selling the list. If you prefer to enter by email, send me a note at: 
Please put "Ultimate Swag Pack" in the subject line!

And for an updated Puppy Pic...
Neo graduated at the top of his Puppy Training Class!
March 2013