Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview: Alysha Ellis

Our world tour continues! This week, The Morgans boarded a jet. Well, Morgan O boarded, Jmo was forced into a pet carrier and shoved into the hold. After Jmo cleared quarantine, we found ourselves in the land down under to meet the exquisite Alysha Ellis, that lovely tart.

The fiery Aussie is well known for melting e-readers all over the world with her sizzling erotica. After promising to meet us at the airport, we found her three days later in a seedy bar on the outskirts of Sydney. We won’t divulge what we found her doing, but needless to say, it is illegal in all fifty states and some parts of Argentina. We later found out, it was illegal in Australia as well, but she just didn’t care. Which is why the remainder of this interview was conducted under the watchful eye of a bailiff and a representative of the American consulate

TMD: Alysha, thank you for allowing us to be here with you in your lovely country, well what we can see of it through the bars.

AE: Welcome to Australia! And just in case anyone is wondering, the bars don't mean they are in jail or anything. It's just a personal little kink of mine Their cage is very tasteful. Once I’ve assembled all my toys, I'll let them out to play...but I don't guarantee to play nice.

TMD: Now that we’ve got your motor running, we know our readers would love to hear a little about your newest book.

AE: My latest book is The Devil made Me Do It. (Total-e-bound September 27th). The Devil you not the Devil I'll introduce you to.

TMD: Oh, and just who IS the devil?

AE: A horny devil, I promise you. His name is Satan, but there's a story to how he came by that name...and I love to give away other people's secrets.

TMD: Your books are known for their sizzling love scenes. Most authors find it hard to balance story and heat effectively but you excel at it. When you’re writing, what comes easier the heat or the story?

AE: Easiest? The story. But the heat is an integral part of the story and the character development. I try to push it as far as I can. Sort of like the cherry on the cake. No, forget cherry, it just doesn't seem like the right image for me or my books. The ice cream and the cream on the cake. The bubbles in the champagne.

TMD: The olive in your martini?

AE: I am strictly a champagne girl. Champagne and chocolate. And men. And boots, and…

TMD: We’re dying to know, if you and Satan from your book were to spend a weekend together, would he need to bring Viagra to survive til Monday? We know all about your reputation.

AE: The Devil didn't need Viagra! Doesn't need. Can we edit that first bit out? I give other people's secrets away. Not mine!

MorganO: Oh my * fans face* so, just how devilish is he? And who's on top?

AE: I think you'll find in my story Jess ends up on top...but only when she wants to. On top. On the bottom, side on…She has a hell of a good time.

MorganO: Ride 'em cowgirl!

TMD: As long as we’re talking about devilish good fun, can you tell us about Passions Wings? How did the idea for this one come about and what made you decide to give this one away to your loyal fans?

AE: The idea for Passion’s Wings came from a prologue I intended to put in Send Me an Angel, (total-e-bound). In the final version of the book, I dumped the prologue because it wasn’t relevant to that particular story, but the idea of showing a chance meeting between a rebellious angel and a very alpha male stayed with me. I turned it into a short, erotic story and had so much fun writing it. I wanted to give back something to people who had read my other books and let’s be honest...I just love people reading my work. My motto really ought to be… "Sit down, let me tell you a story."

TMD: This is not a well publicized fact, but this isn’t the first time you and Jmo have been locked in a room with one of you in handcuffs. Care to tell us exactly what happened during that Tijuana episode that Jmo denies ever took place?

AE: Deny it all you want, baby! The only thing that saved your bacon that day was that at the time, you were still pretending to be a woman. Although in hindsight the beard should have been a dead giveaway. It might explain why the cop who took us in kept ogling you through the bars. What other explanation could there be for him ignoring ME?

TMD: So, Alysha likes the spot light! Aim it on her, Jmo

AE: You don't have to aim it. If necessary I will run all over the stage just to keep it shining on me. I just gotta bask in that lime light.

TMD: This is a well known fact. You and Jmo’s lovely wife Jenna Leigh have a long standing rivalry over a certain Hugh Jackman. If it came down to an all out winner take all brawl, who would win? Remember Jenna fights redneck woman dirty.

AE: Yeah, but I am an Aussie. If there's a stoush we're in it. (Translation...we like a good fight). I would fight dirty...real dirty. Into Hugh's shell like ear I would whisper the words all Aussie women know, and only Aussie women know. Words guaranteed to give us power over any and all Aussie men.

TMD: After heating up the world of erotica, can you ever envision yourself writing a tender sweet romance?

AE: Not really. As I said the erotic scenes are part of the story, an essential step on the path of character delineation. I could turn down the heat, not push the limits, but I couldn’t imagine writing without some degree of sexual tension played out explicitly. I write about sensuality and relationships between adults…there’s always going to be heat.

TMD: We hate to cut his short but it appears you’re going to arraignment and we’ve been sprung on the condition we never set foot on Australian soil again. Before we go our separate ways, let our readers know what they can expect from you in the future besides license plates.

AE: License plates that are all variants on Sexy 1, 2hot4 you? I can do better than that. I have three erotic paranormal novellas out at the moment, have just put the finishing touches on the sequel to Ghostly Ménage and am busy enjoying (and I do mean enjoying) some research for my next one.

TMD: One more thing, Morgan O was wondering if there’s any chance you could fix her up with the Thunder from Down Under before our extradition?

AE: If we can't get them...why worry. ALL Aussie men are like that. Why do you think I live here...and look years older than I should. Exhaustion, sheer exhaustion.

TMD: Thanks again. If they allow you access to the internet in the pokey, where can our readers find you on the web for updates on all your marvelous books.

AE: Below are the best places to look

Is that it? Are we finished? Good. Strictly off the record, while you’re here in Australia: the secret words that will make any Aussie male follow you anywhere…”Free beer at my place.” I can tell you this ‘cos once you leave the country, the knowledge will be useless to you. So make the best of it. And if you mention a keg of free beer, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the entire team from Thunder from Down Under.


Unknown said...

LOL!! Loved the interview Alysha and Morgan X2. You guys are a riot!



Morgan2x said...

Thanks for dropping in, Maithe! We always love to see your beautiful self here. As for the interview, well, Alysha just makes it too easy!

Anonymous said...

No matter what it does to your's good to have a bit of tart now and then. (And Jmo, one comment about how many people get a bit of this tart and your days will be numbered.

J. Morgan said...

Sorry, luv.

Too busy counting the number of tart tasters to worry about the number of my days. Perhaps you should change out that turnstile you use as a bedroom door and I could count them myself instead of relying on you to count them for me, but thanks for your concern on my dwindling life. Now could you please uncuff me so I can leave.


Diana Castilleja said...

Love the interview! Saucy and naughty. ;)