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Silent Night, Magical Night Part Two

Welcome back to The Morgan Diaries special Holiday event with the authors of Silent Night, Magic Night. Now that the Oreos have been hidden and Jmo is sedated with an extra strong eggnog, maybe we can get back to the interview uninterrupted. Morgan O shoots Jmo a warning look.

TMD: Writing a book is always an adventure. To all the authors. What was the biggest challenge going into the anthology?

TJ: Um ... everything - lol. Hairs were definitely split during some of this project - especially on the title.

Whenever a writer is working on a project like this, there’s a lot of stress. You start thinking about - what ifs, and if only this... That was the biggest challenge for this anthology. The reward sat right in front of me a couple of days ago in the form of the ARC copy.

DH: For myself, it was writing a short story instead of a novel. I hadn’t done it before, so it was a new experience. Once I started typing, though, the story took on a life of its own and I could hardly keep up. It was SO fun! TJ tried to warn me, but too late – I think I might be addicted to shorts now! I’m already working on another one.

CS: I’m used to writing longer books, so getting used to pacing of a short story was a small challenge. I discovered along the way that I like writing shorts and plan to try some more.

Buffi: For me the biggest challenge was the name. I usually find a name around chapter ten or so. Since The Sword and the Sorceress is only six chapters, I had some major name issues. Ask Cathy. We had a whole list of possible and just plain im-possible names. Plus, a case of the giggles that wouldn't quit.

Hey! Is that another fruitcake? No? Well, let me jot down my address and you can redirect any stray fruitcakes my way.

Jmo: I think keeping it short too. I have been known to get wordy on occasion. Once you have the who and the what of a story, it’s hard not to get drawn into the characters and make the story explode into War and Peace.

TMD: Buffi, Catherine, and Dani, as members of Destination Romance how strange was it to write your stories with two authors who are not members?

DH: Hey, we always play well with others! Destination Romance is simply our little promotion group. Writing is an individual endeavor. This is actually the first time that any of us have been involved in the same writing project. It was great to work with TJ and J Morgan (until the chocolate supply gave out, but the nice policeman said he wouldn’t press charges as long as we cleaned up after the riot…).

CS: I agree with Dani that we love hanging out and working with all our writer friends. It was nice having the experience of working on the same book with the same deadline. We all encouraged and pushed each other when needed. I even learned how to make a proper cup of tea from T.J. Anyone for a tea party?

Buffi: Not strange at all. This is the first story I've written with Dani and Cathy a part of. And I mean REALLY a part of since we'd get online together and chat during our breaks. If someone had a problem, it was very easy to get someone's opinion. All we needed was a round of margaritas. We had a blast.

TMD: While we’re on the subject of Destination Romance, could you explain to our readers a little about it?

DH: Well, it all started when four authors banded together to fight the forces of evil by writing romance. Catherine Stang, Dani Harper, Buffi Becraft-Woodall and Donna McAteer formed Destination Romance in order to create this secret synergistic formula – 4 Authors + 4 Styles + 4 realities = Unlimited Universes! Bwahahahahahaha! (Oops, sorry, I always get carried away.) From paranormal to suspense to historical to regency to erotic and more, we have a romance for every taste. Together, we enjoy visiting the Yahoo groups and chat rooms devoted to romance books, and we’ve met some terrific readers.

Buffi: Destination Romance is a group of four authors who banded together for Truth, Justice, and…well, a really great time! DR is all about picking your adventure. Between the four of us we have Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Regency, Paranormal, and Western genres. Maybe more, I could have missed one. Haha!

Don't forget to drop by and check out our new look.

TMD: T.J. not to leave you out, but how did you and Dark Eden round up the roster for the anthology? There is some major talent between these covers.

TJ: Thanks, I think so too. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t all that hard once I got a feel for what Dark Eden was looking for. The parameters of the anthology were quite broad, not an easy thing to work with when you are trying to get five authors to join you.

It hit me one evening as I drummed my fingers over the keys. They were looking for not only quality stories, but a certain aspect of uniqueness. So, after putting my thinking cap on, I had a lightbulb moment. Luckily, I have some great friends too. Big hugs to all of you.

I have a lot of respect for the writers who did this project with me, though a few of them needed a bit of convincing that they could write short. The one thing Dark Eden and I wanted was that ‘little something’ that would create a uniqueness to the anthology.

TMD: Since, we’re almost out of eggnog and those little Christmas cookies that T.J. snatched from Jmo’s desk, it’s time for a insane question to round out the fun. Jmo, it’s Christmas, stop giving T.J. dirty looks. They’re only cookies. I’ll buy you some more next time we go to Costco. Now, sit down and behave before you go on the naughty list. Sorry ladies, but he’s such a big baby when you touch his cookies just be thankful they weren’t Oreos. Okay back to the question. What list do you think Santa has you on this year? Be honest -- Jmo has a copy of it and we’ll be checking.

TJ: According to my husband, I’ve been nice this year. Next year he’s going to work on my naughtiness.

DH: Depends on the category. Diet-wise, Naughty. Budget-wise, Naughty. Housekeeping-wise, Naughty…. Well, you get the gist. But writing-wise, I’ve been VERY Good this year! (Any chance Santa could read Silent Night, Magic Night before he assigns me to a list?)

CS: What list will I be on this year – the good one, of course, but then that depends on who you ask. LOL.

Buffi: Ooo. I've been very good. I mean, you can't really count swiping Donna's appletini at the beach. Or the fall hayfight. Or trying to put Scooby in the pumpkin on Halloween. Or inciting Donna to hit Dani with a snowball. Or….

Ummm. You know this is really good eggnog. Can I get back to you on that list thing?

JMo: I think we all know which list I’m on. What about you Morgan O.?

MO: Moi? Oh, I’m on the GOOD list. Excellent with five stars. I’ll be getting what I want for Christmas, I just know it. I was also at Costco when they picked it out...

TMD: Thank you all for joining us and for the wonderful carols. Before you all leave, please tell our readers about any upcoming projects they should be on the lookout for and don’t forget to list those websites.

TJ: Catch my upcoming series of twisted myths, Between Heaven and Hell – The Passions. I also have a short format Time Travel entitled Ice Beauty.

You can find out more at

D.H.: Check out the Destination Romance website or the Destination Romance MySpace page at

Dani Harper’s website is
Dani’s MySpace page is
Both sites feature Scooby the Pug, her official muse.

CS: This month I also have another new release, In The Blink of An Eye, which is a romantic suspense. It’s available in print and e book from Sweet Serenity, a western historical romance, was just out last month from Check out my website I have contest going on my newsletter

Buffi: Thanks so much for having us invade, I mean interviewed . The carols were great (especially since I lip-synced it the whole time) I mean you do not want to hear me sing. Really.
Here is a list of places you'll find me hanging out. Drop by and say hi sometime. I love the company.

And there you have it, our first attempt at a multi-author interview. Please feel free to post comments for the authors. Try to hold the hate mail until after the first of the year. I can only use so much sugar to sedate Jmo and I'm not sharing my cherry Jelly Bellys with him.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Agent Lucienne Diver is next later this week!

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