Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jmo is back.

Oh feel free to roll your eyes. I know how long it's been since I lurked my way onto the blog. It's not that I hate to blog, because I don't. It isn't even that I'm forgetful, which I am. I had to hit up my fellow Morgan for the password, if that tells you anything. It isn't even even—is that a grammatical error?—that this has been the busiest year of my life when it comes to writing. Three books, epic sized, and a soon to be released short with the next Love Bites book due out in February and still in the WiP stage of the game can testify to that fact. Sure, when you add all that up, I can see why I think forgetting to blog could happen, but that isn't it.

So just what the heck is it? Okay, here goes. My deep dark secret revealed. I don't think my life is exciting enough to warrant a day to day or even a weekly recap of my boredom. I can't see myself subjecting anyone to that. I hate the hit and miss, here's my book that's coming out bit too. So, let's back this up. I'm boring and don't want to shove my books down your throats. What's left to talk about? Not a whole lot, when you put it like that.

Here's my proposal. When something sparks my interest, I'll chat about it. Not Blog, because blogging sounds impersonal to me. Chatting is what friends do. If you're here to check out what my partner and I have on our minds, I count you as friends. And, the whole book thing. Well that's going to happen too. If I or Morgan found our interest held long enough to write them that must mean they're interesting enough for us to talk about. So, expect some of that.

What else? Well… We hope to have a friend or two drop in from time to time. A contest or two during the year. Maybe, when our hectic schedules allow another free read like The Morgan Diaries Halloween story. More than that I really can't say, because right now we don't know.

One more thing. We'd like this to be a forum for you, our friends, to voice your thoughts on what we have to say. To kick it off, we'd like to hear what you guys would like to see here. Again, no promises, but if there's something you'd like to know about us or our books leave us a comment.

That said. Stayed tuned for some exciting news from me about a certain September 1st release from yours truly—or is that Yours Immortally. Snicker!



Sutton Fox said...

Welcome back, Jmo!

Stephanie Burkhart said...

JMO it's great to have you "chatting" back on the blogs. I look forward to it.

You know what I do - I have theme days and that really helps me stay "straight." Now, I don't blog every day, but if I know I have a theme day, I can usually plan for it.