Sunday, April 13, 2008

Press Release from the Clown Corps

Candy Coated Clown has a whooping 4.5 Ribbon Review from Romance Junkies! I am totally blown away and what better way to spend a weekend than wrapped in Blue Ribbons. I can’t thank Lacey enough for her kind words…

CANDY COATED CLOWN is laugh out loud hilarious! Though mean at times, Candace only wanted to have a good birthday, where in return she had anything but. I love the humor the author uses throughout the story. J. Morgan’s storytelling was refreshing and left me anxious to see what happened next in Candace and Ash’s story. I’d give this story a ten if that was possible, but since it’s not, my recommendation will have to do. Everyone who’s ever had a bad day should pick a copy of CANDY COATED CLOWN. It’s one story that is not to be missed!

Thanks again to Romance Junkies and Lacey for making my day.

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